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 January 29, 2023

2023 Winter Scholastic 

(USCF report, CaissaChess Live Standings/Tiebreaks)

SDCC 2023 WINTER SCHOLASTIC overwhelmed with 115 players who played in 4 sections, 4 games of G30d5. The event went very smooth from 12 to 4:30 pm. This is by far our largest scholastic turnout since we reopened the scholastic tournaments in December of 2021. We have officially beaten our 2022 November Scholastic record of 114 players. In addition, we have beaten our record of no-shows, as we had NONE. All the kids were paired prior to coming in to the club that day using CaissaChess Live cloud based Tournament Directing software. All players received text notifications with their opponent's name, board number and color of pieces. It looked something like that: 

When they came to the club around 11:45, they just needed to find their board number.  

Special thanks to our volunteers: Jonathan Frye, Jason Nunez, Mario Amodeo, Chuck Ensey, David Saponara, Jim Harrell and Kathryn Mokhov.  They took care of all the tiny details from cleaning the place, preparing the tables, getting all kids situated with boards and clocks, answering all questions kids and parents had, solving chess disputes, and many other things. 

We were a bit worried about the weather and the rain but the weather turned out to be ok. The Open section played in the Skittles room while the U800/U500/U300 sections occupied the main tournament hall.

The Winners

In the OPEN K12 section, Ryuta Nunez took first place trophy with perfect 4 out of 4 result. Second best in the Open, Samarth Raghavan, finished with 3.5. Fausto Borquez, Francis Ordanza and Sebastian Burns came 3rd, 4th and 5th all with 3 points (based on tie breaks).

In U800 K12 section, Smaran Mukkavilli got first place trophy with perfect 4 out of 4 performance. Ayaan Oswal came second with 3.5.  Raul Huseynli Borsella, Alan Chang and Nathan Trieu came 3rd, 4th and 5th based on tie breaks. 

In U500 K7 section, James Whitwell, Saksham Kapoor and Alejandro Rodriguez finished with 3.5 out of 4 and got first, second and third place on tie breaks. Thomas Hamacher and Delby Sherod got 4th and 5th places with 3 points each based on tie breaks. U500 section really surprised us with games lasting much longer than any other section.  For instance, the first round game between Evan Ngo and Nathaniel Lai went almost til the last minute with many spectators gathering around to watch the thrill of the endgame. 

In U300 K5, our youngest beginner section, Nolan Liu was the top finisher with perfect 4 out of 4 score. Sashwat Raj Nirmal got second place trophy with 3.5 score. Sean Yong, Andrew Whitwell and Jonathan Whitwell got 3rd, 4th, 5th places with 3.0 score based on tie breaks.  

Whitwell family did amazingly well in their very first USCF tournament. We hope to see them in our future events.  In our scholastic tournaments we often meet new teams who come to play.  On Sunday, the team of 10 players came from Gompers Preparatory Academy.   One of their players, Alejandro Rordriguez, placed third in U500 K7. We also hope to see this team again in the future. LycĂ©e Francais San Diego team brought an impressive number of players (16!) with two players placing into the trophies in U800 and U500 sections.  LFSD chess team has been participating in our tournaments since we started our program in December 2021 and they come strong every time winning trophies and awards. 

Please, stay tuned for our scholastic news as we are launching new events.  The new format of scholastic  is being planned for April and will be announced sometimes soon. 

That's all for now, 

Irina Nizmutdinova
Scholastic Lead


Monday, January 30, 2023

Gambito #1001 - Wallcharts and prizes


SwissSys Report: Gambito #1001

The tournament has been RATED.

Total prize fund $925 based on 48 players (45 paid)

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1001: Elite (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Prizes
5Arseniy KryazhevW 13W 1B 3B 4 1 st place    
 2054 30397686$100
1Isaac WangW 7B 5W 9B 10 2nd/3rd place 
 2235 17058192 $25
2Noah WardB 8W 10B 11W 3 2nd/3rd place
 2231 30136614  $25
4Benjamin TangB 12W 7B 10W 5 2nd/3rd place
 2060 16545605  $25
6Priyansh GargB 11W 3B 8W 14 
 2046 17279963 
3Sepehr GolsefidyW 9B 6W 5B 2 
 2150 16686975 
8Vedant MaheshwariW 2B 13W 6B 7 1st/2nd U2000
 1986 16394505 $42
9Yuqi WangB 3W 12B 1W 11 1st/2nd U2000
 1961 16433961 $42
10Yanfeng GuoW 14B 2W 4W 1 1st/2nd U2000
 1949 16749316 $42
7Gordon XuB 1B 4W 12W 8 
 2009 16641003 
12Jacob WangW 4B 9B 7bye  
 1875 17083655 
11Sarthak GattaniW 6B 14W 2B 9 
 1925 30075816 
14Tori PoratB 10W 11W 13B 6 
 1830 16169156 
13Joel BatchelorB 5W 8B 14---- 
 1851 10422086 

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1001: Open (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Prizes
1Carlos Antaran JrW 4B 7W 5B 2 1st/2nd place
 1826 30633636 $75
2Ramil MacaspacB 5W 4B 6W 1 1st/2nd place
 1814 15184868 $75
3Datris RobinsonW 7B 6B 4W 5 3rd place
 1809 12796177 $8
4Pejman SagartB 1B 2W 3W 7  3rd place
 1745 12536658 $8 
5William WangW 2B 8B 1B 3  3rd place
 1716 16426896  $8
6Ken GreenB 8W 3W 2---- 
 1687 15208138 
7Leon ChenB 3W 1W 8B 4 
 1647 17076931 
8Oren PoratW 6W 5B 7B 9 
 1400 16884602 
9Daniel Barke------------W 8 
 unr. 30971217 U0.0U0.0U0.00.5 

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1001: U1800 (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Prizes
5Sai PulagamB 10W 8B 9W 6 1st Place
 1556 16075110 $90
2Marlon IcbanW 7B 9W 3B 8 2nd/3rd place
 1700 14024242 $28
6Ildefonso Mamaradlobye B 4W 1B 5  2nd/3rd place
 1550 12975870 $28
9Kaiwen YuB 1W 2W 5B 3  2nd/3rd place
 1313 30211474 $28
8Samarth RaghavanW 3B 5W 4W 2 
 1438 30633647 
4Anthony Harbonebye W 6B 8B 7 
 1600 10468086 
10Manasvi MachaW 5B 3W 7B 1 
 1205 16877543 
1Charles EnseyW 9B 7B 6W 10 
 1752 10487188 
3Jacob DerainB 8W 10B 2W 9 
 1642 14400837 
7Vian ParikhB 2W 1B 10W 4 
 1520 17080518 

SwissSys Wall Chart. Gambito #1001: U1400 (standings)

#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Prizes
1Toby ChenB 12W 9B 11W 4 1st place
 1360 30273244 $75
9Omar OrdunoB 18B 1W 13W 2 Best U1000
 974p 30414226 $75
3Winston WangB 14W 11W 18B 8 2nd place
 1211 30074506 $25
4Walker R MitchellW 15B 19W 8B 1 2nd place
 1124p 30223140 $25
11Wendell VeaseyB 22B 3W 1W 12 2nd place U1000
 941p 13832160$50 
19Dino ZaharakisB 10W 4B 12B 13 
 unr. 13839534 
2Howard WangW 13B 5W 17B 9 
 1222 30291617 
8Nilesh GattaniW 17B 20B 4W 3 3rd place U1000
 975 30918621 $8
10Sachin ChavatapalliW 19B 13W 15B 18 3rd place U1000
 956 30935345 $8
14Hemish ParikhW 3B 18W 22W 6 3rd place U1000
 813 30286280 $8
12Robert MurphyW 1B 17W 19B 11 
 886 30347291 
13Ayaan OswalB 2W 10B 9W 19 
 822 30407501 
6Bruce Mason--------W 5B 14 
 1099p 15725880 U0.0U0.01.01.0 
7Javier Betancourt------------B 15 
 1078p 30826008 U0.0U0.0U0.01.0 
15Wilton WangB 4W 22B 10W 7 
 434 30359598 
18Alex AuefW 9W 14B 3W 10 
 101 30953166 
21Michelle CaiB 16----------------
 unr. 30970481 1.0U1.01.01.0 
22Justin DoddW 11B 15B 14W 17 
 unr. 30970549 
5Shailesh Maheshwari----W 2B 6---- 
 1100 16904502 U0.00.50.5U0.5 
16Hunter R WrightW 21----------------
 414 15762488 0.0U0.00.00.0 
17Jessie AuefB 8W 12B 2B 22 
 341 30953179 
20Nouby Mohamed----W 8------------
 unr. 30970853 U0.