Saturday, December 24, 2022

Saturday Blitz - Wallcharts and prizes


SwissSys Report: Saturday Blitz 

The tournament has been rated.  View USCF report.


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9Rd 10Rd 11Rd 12Prizes
4Isaac Wangbye bye B 12W 11B 15W 1B 2W 8B 17B 5W 9W 10 1st place
 1921 17058192 $100
1Kevin YangB 12W 9B 15W 2B 17B 4W 5W 11B 8W 3B 10B 16 2nd place
 2136 14715374$75 
2Ron GutmanW 13B 10W 3B 1W 5B 17W 4W 15B 16B 8W 11W 233rd place 
 2132 15259878 $50
15Sepehr GolsefidyB 5B 7W 1B 8W 4W 3W 17B 2B 9W 11W 16B 121/2nd   U2000
 1790 16686975 $70
17Priyansh GargB 6B 8W 7B 3W 1W 2B 15B 5W 4W 16B 24B 91st/2nd U2000
 1764 17279963 $70
10Navid BajoghliB 21W 2B 16W 6B 3W 7B 12W 9B 24W 23W 1B 4 3rd U2000
 1869 13925107 $40
3Sihan TaoB 14W 11B 2W 17W 10B 15W 8B 7W 5B 1W 6W 24 4th place   
 2078 16931716 $25
8Leonard VuB 19W 17B 14W 15B 16W 12B 3B 4W 1W 2B 5B 11 
 1886 15005368 
23Carlo Antaran JrW 24W 16B 20B 22W 6B 9W 14B 19W 12B 10W 7B 2 1st U1800
 1602 30633636 $80
5Richard GimenoW 15B 24W 13B 19B 2W 11B 1W 17B 3W 4W 8B 6 
 1911 12842072 
11Andersen YangW 22B 3W 24B 4W 13B 5W 20B 1W 7B 15B 2W 8 
 1829 16304918 
16Roger V ShiW 7B 23W 10B 9W 8B 13W 6W 12W 2B 17B 15W 1 2nd U1800
 1788 16191192 $60
7Alejandrino BaluranB 16W 15B 17W 14W 19B 10W 13W 3B 11W 20B 23W 22 
 1900 12218060 
19Lennart K MatheW 8W 6B 9W 5B 7B 22W 24W 23B 18B 12W 20B 13 3rd U1800
 1724 13333232 $40
9Sergio GimutaoW 20B 1W 19W 16B 24W 23B 22B 10W 15B 13B 4W 17 
 1871 12593864 
12Lorenzo AntonioW 1B 20W 4B 24W 14B 8W 10B 16B 23W 19B 22W 15 
 1802 30219608 
18Alireza Golsefidybye bye --------------------B 22W 19B 6W 13B 20 
 1756p 17074652 0.51.0U1.0U1.0U1.0U1.0U1. 
24Vedant MaheshwariB 23W 5B 11W 12W 9B 6B 19B 20W 10W 22W 17B 3 4th U1800
 1280 16394505 $30
6Isaiah MojicaW 17B 19W 22B 10B 23W 24B 16W 13B 20W 18B 3W 5 
 1900 30897269 
20Datris RobinsonB 9W 12W 23B 13W 22B 14B 11W 24W 6B 7B 19W 18 
 1700 12796177 
13Glenn ZhangB 2W 21B 5W 20B 11W 16B 7B 6W 22W 9B 18W 19 
 1800 30146519 
14Arcie PragaleW 3B 22W 8B 7B 12W 20B 23------------------------
 1796 12820879 
22Ryan CaiB 11W 14B 6W 23B 20W 19W 9W 18B 13B 24W 12B 7 
 1644 30230545 
21Tosshaan ThaparW 10B 13--------------------------------------------
 1672 17253577 


#Name/Rating/IDRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9Rd 10Rd 11Rd 12Prizes
6Neeraj VyasB 12W 9B 7W 4B 5W 3B 1B 2W 11W 10W 8B 14 1st Place
 1523 30847377$80 
9Samarth RaghavanB 1B 6W 2B 3W 4W 7B 5W 12B 8W 11B 14W 10 1st U1400
 1278p 30633647 $80
1Jason ArbeiterW 9B 12W 8B 13W 3B 4W 6B 14W 2B 7W 4B 3 2/3 rd place
 1682 13734901 $50
2Tosshaan Thaparbye bye B 9W 10W 7B 11B 3W 6B 1W 4B 5W 8 2/3rd place
 1672 17253577 $50
3Pejman SagartB 10W 7B 4W 9B 1B 6W 2B 8W 12W 14B 11W 1 
 1644 12536658 
5Charles H Enseybye bye B 10W 11W 6B 8W 9bye B 4B 12W 2--------
 1553 10487188 
4Ken GreenW 11B 8W 3B 6B 9W 1B 14W 7W 5B 2B 1W 7 
 1622 15208138 
7Rayansh MaheshwariW 13B 3W 6W 8B 2B 9W 12B 4W 14W 1B 10B 4 2nd U1400
 1330 17318177 $50
12Howard WangW 6W 1B 11W 14B 13W 10B 7B 9B 3W 5bye B 11 1st U1200
 1037 30291617 $70
10Arthur ArmanW 3B 13W 5B 2W 14B 12W 8B 11bye B 6W 7B 9 2nd U1200
 1111 30290625 $40
8Brandon PlavcanB 14W 4B 1B 7W 11W 5B 10W 3W 9bye B 6B 2 
 1323p 30198692 
11Shailesh MaheshwariB 4W 14W 12B 5B 8W 2bye W 10B 6B 9W 3W 12 
 1065 16904502 
13Glenn CravensB 7W 10B 14W 1W 12----------------------------1st U1000
 952 30247108 $5
14Olive RiceW 8B 11W 13B 12B 10bye W 4W 1B 7B 3W 9W 6 1st U1000
 721 30895660 

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