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November Super Gambito Open (#631)

November Super Gambito Open (#631)  on 11/02/13

33 players today, pretty good turnout, including a couple of new players. Here they are in pre-event rating order:

Open Section (20 players)

3 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker and Braulio Cuarta Garcia (2150 FIDE)

4 Experts: Jim Humphrey, Venkat Iyer, Leonard Sussman and Gurveer Singh

14 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Richard Skinnell, Ajay Krishnan, Aaron Householder, Thomas Diem, Kevin Yang, Zechariah Zhu, Jerry Qu, Pejman Sagart, Daniel Zhu, Ben Duong, Chuck Ensey and Ron Gutman (unr)

Reserve Section (13 players)

7 Class B: Justin Yang, Rolando Ignacio, (John Donahoo, house player), Datris Robinson, Claire Negus, Andrew Negus, Scott Householder and Anthony Harbone

4 Class C: Sabrina Duong, Renato Conducto, Stephen Zhu and Mark Negus

2 Class D: Ken Green and David Terr

The 2 new players were Braulio Cuarta Garcia from Cuba and Ron Gutman. We don't use a McMahon pairing system for the Super Gambito, just the normal Swiss system and there weren't enough Masters and Experts to put them in their own section, so in the first two rounds the masters had it pretty easy. Cyrus disposed of Ajay Krishnan and Chris Wonnell before having to face Braulio Garcia, a new player, whom he also beat without too much trouble. He then drew quickly with Bruce Baker to clinch first place. Bruce took a bye, then beat Kevin Yang and Venkat Iyer. Venkat beat Jerry Qu, Ron Gutman and Jim Humphrey to win BU2400. Gurveer Singh continued his run of successes with wins over Ben Duong, a loss to Braulio, but then a draw with Ajay and a crushing win over Leonard Sussman to taken BU2200.

In the Reserve Section, Datris went 4-0 and his rating just might break 1800, but we will have to wait, unofficially he gained 54 points to 1793. With the new k factor recently installed by USCF, he is probably over. Justin Kang, the number 1 seed at 1789 going in, won 3 in a row but lost to Datris in the last round, still putting him at an estimated 1799, but likely over 1800 when rated. Sabrina Duong lost her first game with Rolando Ignacio, but then piled up 3 wins over David Terr, Claire Negus and Renato Conducto to win BU1600. Renato is a new player who played his first event last week. Ben Duong, Sabrina's brother went over 1800 last week and so was thrown to the wolves in the Open section and went 0-4, probably dropping him back under 1800, although the estimated rating came out 1801.    

Here were the Prize winners:

Open Section

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3 1/2), $125

2nd Place/BU2400: Bruce Baker (3) and Venkat Iyer (3), $75 each

2nd U2400: Braulio Cuarta Garcia (2 1/2), $25

BU2200: Gurveer Singh (2 1/2), $60                             

BU2000/2nd U2000: Chris Wonnell (2 1/2) and Richard Skinnell (2 1/2), $60 each

2nd U2200: Jim Humphrey (2) and Leonard Sussman (2), $7 each

3rd U2000: Ajay Krishnan (2), Thomas Diem (2), Daniel Zhu (2), Zechariah Zhu (2) and Chuck Ensey (2), $7 each

Best Game, $15, to Bruce Baker for win over Venkat Iyer 

Reserve Section

First Place: Datris Robinson (4), $75

Second Place: Justin Kang (3), $30

Third Place: Scott Householder (2 1/2), $20

BU1600: Sabrina Duong (3), $50

2nd U1600: Ken Green (2) and Mark Negus (2), $10 each

Best Game to Datris Robinson, $15, for win over Renato Conducto 

Total Prizes: $755  

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