Sunday, August 4, 2013

Entries and Prizes for SD County Champs

San Diego County Championships  8/03 - 8/04 2013
at the SDCC in Balboa Park

64 players total, here they are in pre-event rating order:

Open Section, 16 players: 

2 Masters: IM Dioniso Aldama, Bruce Baker

12 Experts: Nikolay Arutyunov, Karl Tolentino, Ben Barquin, Leonard Sussman, Alfredo Hernandez, Peter Hodges, Jason Ma, Alejandrino Baluran, Esteban Escobedo, Raoul Crisologo, Leo Raterman and Michael Nagaran

2 Class A: (playing up): Miguel Ceballos and David Delgadillo

Reserve Sectiom (U2000), 29 players:

15 Class A: Alex Costello, Joel Batchelor, Dennis Saccuzzo, Daniel Zhu, Zechariah Zhu, Ramil Macaspac, Chuck Ensey, Jerry Qu, Ajay Krishnan, Jay Choi, Daniel Collins, Joseph Rice, Gurveer Singh, Charles Berkman and Alexander Dumadag

14 Class B: Carlos Hernandez, Carl Newell, Kevin Yang, Steve Perry, Thomas Diem, Datris Robinson, Ben Keltner, William Wijaya, Frank Arias, Eliza Eggert, Mark Anderson, Ben Duong, Christopher Lane and Anthony Harbone

Booster Section (U1600), 19 players:

6 Class C: Victor Delgadillo, Steven Dahl, David Palmer, Sabrina Duong, Fred Cleveland and Stephen Zhu

9 Class D and below: Joe Sanna, Joshua Chung, Errol Acosta, Roger Pedersen, Matthew Mullen, Frank Yang, Richard Xia and William Xia

5 Unrated: Angel Fuerte, Juan Fuerte, Jackson Nathan, Andres Tapia and Sreekanth Vutthuri

Here are the Prize winners:

Open Section

First Place: IM Dionisio Aldama (5), $500

2nd Place: Michael Nagaran (3 1/2), $250

BU2400/2300: Nikolay Arutyunov (3) and Alfredo Hernandez (3), $200 each

BU2200/2100/2nd U2400/2ndU2300/2nd U2200/2nd U2100):
Peter Hodges (2 1/2), Karl Tolentino (2 1/2), Ben Barquin (2 1/2), Alejandrino Baluran (2 1/2), Leonard Sussman (2 1/2) and Raoul Crisologo (2 1/2), $100 each

Reserve Section (U2000)

First Place: Joseph Rice (4 1/2), $300

Second Place: Alex Costello (4), $150    BU 1900: William Wijaya (4), $200

BU1800/2nd U1900: Carlos Hernandez (3 1/2) and Kevin Yang (3 1/2), $125 each

2nd U1800: Datris Robinson (3), $50

BU1700: Mark Anderson (3), $200

2nd U1700: Eliza Eggert (2 1/2), $50

Booster Section (U1600)

First Place: Sabrina Duong (4 1/2), $180

2nd Place: Steven Dahl (4), $75

U1500: Errol Acosta (4): $100

2nd U1500: Fred Cleveland (3 1/2), $50

BU1400/2ndU1400: Joe Sanna (3) and Joshua Chung (3), $50 each

Best Game Prizes to be announced here later.

Total Prizes: $3,500

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