Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gambito #602

Gambito #602

25 Players, which was an excellent turnout; but a lot of regular strong players didn’t play this one

1 Masters: Bruce Baker
3 Experts: Lenny Sussman, Bud Stamper, Chris Wonnell
4 A: Bud Morris, Aaron Householder, Sridhar Ramanujam, Alex Costello
5 B: Chuck Ensey, Gurveer Singh, Anthony Harbone, Cory Foster, Scott Householder
5 C: Ben Keltner, Chris Thomas, Jesse Wang, Eusy Ancheta, Rex Pimentel
6 D/E: Fred Cleveland, Alex Householder, Jim Harrell, David Terr, Andruw Householder, Sonny Mattia

Thanks to John Donahoo for playing a house game.

Jeff Turner directed and used a 1 point McMahon pairing system where:
M, Exp, A = 1 and B, C, D, E = 0

Here were the prize winnners:

Bruce Baker   $100

Sridhar Ramanujam, Alex Costello, Aaron Householder $50 each

Gurveer Singh, Anthony Harbone, Cory Foster $33 each

Ben Keltner  $50

David Terr, Alex Householder, Andrew Householder $10 each

Total Prizes: $429

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