Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Super Gambito Open

Gambito Open #594  January Super Gambito on 1/5/13

35 Players in two sections. Here they are in pre-event rating order:

Open Section (17 players):
4 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Kyron Griffith, Ron Bruno and Bruce Baker
8 Experts: Venkat Iyer, Peter Hodges, Leonard Sussman, Alfredo Hernandez, Ben Barquin, Tim McGuiness, Chris Wonnell and Jeff Turner
5 Class A: Santi Pinon, Buddy Morris, Edgar Lopez, Pejman Sagart and Albert Dumaran (playing up)

Reserve Section (18 players):
10 Class B: Jason Arbeiter, Sam Barboo, Chuck Ensey, Rolando Ignacio, Gurveer Singh, Eliza Eggert, Anthony Harbone, Carlos Hernandez, Ben Keltner and Alex Costello. Plus John Donahoo played 3 house games.
4 Class C: David Narevsky, Shiny Kaur, Thomas Diem and Libano Rodriguez
4 Class D/E: Patrick Edwards, Andrew Sung, Hudson Anderson (unr) and Elliot Anderson (unr), plus Jim Harrell played 2 house games.

Cyrus drew with Ron Bruno in the last round. Ron also drew with Leonard Sussman in the 3rd round. Kyron lost only to Cyrus. Alfredo Hernandez is an up and comer who lost only to Bruno. Santi Pinon made Expert level for the first time with his wins over Sagart, McGuiness and Sussman after a loss to Bruno in Rd 1. In the Reserves, Jason Arbeiter went 4-0 to vault back over 1800 (he was 1797). Carlos Hernandez, Alfredo's son, is ramping up his very old scholastic rating up to closer to where is really is now, probably a Class A player with one or two more Gambito Opens. Gurveer Singh is on the move upwards too, he lost only to Carlos.

Here are the prize winners:
Open Section:
First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3 1/2), $125
2nd Place: Kyron Griffith (3), $75
BU2400: Ron Bruno (3), $75
BU2200: Alfredo Hernandez (3), $75
BU2000: Santi Pinon (3), $75
2nd U2400: Bruce Baker (2), $12
2nd U2200: Chris Wonnell (2), Jeff Turner (2), Leonard Sussman (2), Ben Barquin (2), Peter Hodges (2), $12 each
2nd U2000: Buddy Morris (1), Pejman Sagart (1), Edgar Lopez (1), Albert Dumaran (1), $9 each
Best Game Prize Open Section of $15 to be announced here later on...

Reserve Section:
First Place: Jason Arbeiter (4), $75
Second Place: Carlos Hernandez (3 1/2), $50
Third Place: Gurveer Singh (3), $35
BU1600/2nd U1600: Libano Rodriguez (2), Thomas Diem (2) and David Narevsky (2), $37 each
BU1400: Andrew Sung (1), $70
Best Game Prize Reserve Section, $15, goes to Eliza Eggert for win over Shiny Kaur 
Total Prizes: $825     

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