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Gambito #595

Gambito #595  1/12/13

24 players today, here they are (alphabetically)

 Masters: Bruce Baker, Ronald Bruno, Kyron Griffith
 Experts: Venkat Iyer, Tim McGuiness, Elkaei Rivera, Bud Stamper, Leonard Sussman, Aaron Wooten
 Class A: Buddy Morris, Pejman Sagart
 Class B: Sam Barboo, Eliza Eggert, Anthony Harbone, Andrew Negus, Gurveer Singh
 Class C: Fred Cleveland, Thomas Diem, Claire Negus, David Palmer
 Class D: Patrick Edwards, Mark Negus, Andrew Sung, Elias Uskokovic,

We used a 2 point McMahon pairing system where M/Exp=2, A or B=1 and C/D=0.

One of the nice points of the MacMahon is it lets you play mostly against your peers and as a consequence more players can go 3-1 or even 4-0, that wouldn't happen in a regular Swiss, you would get paired up too much.  

Kyron ran away with this one defeating #2, #3, #4 and #5.

Notable rating pickups (Nice work. By the way, these are unofficial):
Elias Uskokovic +75
Claire Negus +72
Kyron Griffith +29

Thanks to house players John Donahoo and Steve Perry.

Here were the prize winners:

First Place: Kyron Griffith (6), $100
BU2400: Ronald Bruno (5), $60
Second Place/BU2200: Bruce Baker, Venkat Iyer, Elkaei Rivera, Bud Stamper, Lenny Sussman (4), $22
BU1800: Sam Barboo, Gurveer Singh (3), $25 Each
BU1600: Claire Negus (3), $50
Total Prizes: $430 

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