Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Double Gambito 7/14 - 7/15

8 Round Super Double Gambito July 14 - 15th 2012 

$2,000 in Guaranteed Prizes 

This is just like a Super Gambito, except we do 2 days in a row, Saturday AND Sunday. Same time control G/40 with 5 second delay Entry is $50 (if paid in advance) instead of the usual $25 since it is a double, but we are almost tripling the guaranteed fund, instead of $700 it is $2,000. 

First Place $300 2nd Place $200 3rd Place $100 BU2200: $200/$100/$50 

BU2000: $200/$100/$50  BU1800: $200/$100/$50

BU1600: $150/$75/$25 BU1400: $50/$20

Plus Best Game Prize of $15 for both Open, Premier and Reserve Sections

Registration 10AM to 10:25, Entry Fee: $60 on site, or $50 if registered in advance. Special rate of only $25 for players rated U1400 

SCCF membership is required, $18, $10 for juniors (under 18).

42 players, great turnout, same as last week! Here are the players in rating order:   

Open Section (15 players)

6 Masters (over 2200): Dionisio Aldama, Kyron Griffith, Ron Bruno, Bruce Baker, Martin Nilsson and Nikolay Arutyunov

9 Experts (U2200): Paul Agron, Aaron Wooten, Raoul Crisologo, Avram Zaydenberg, Bud Stamper, Ben Barquin, Elkaei Rivera, Madhavan Vajapeyam and Fawsi Murra Jr (playing up from 1992) 

Paul Agron was the only one able to nick IM Dionisio Aldama for a draw, the IM defeated all his other opponents. Martin Nilsson defeated Kyron Griffith and Bruce Baker and also drew with Ron Bruno.    

Here are the Prize winners:

First Place: Dionisio Aldama (7 1/2), $300   Second Place: Martin Nilsson (6), $200

Third Place: Ronald Bruno (5 1/2), $100

BU2200: Raoul Crisologo (5), $200

2nd/3rdU2200: Ben Barquin (4) and Paul Agron (4), $75 each 

Premier Section (13 players)

4 Class A (U2000): Edgar Lopez, Zechariah Zhu, Eliza Eggert and Chuck Ensey

9 Class B (U1800): Datris Robinson, Jay Choi, Sam Barboo, Fawsi Jose Murra, Donald Klaas, Andrew Negus, Anthony Harbone, Eric Carmichael and Daniel Zhu 

and the prize winners were:

BU2000: Zechariah Zhu (6), $200   2nd U2000: Edgar Lopez (5 1/2), $100

3rd U2000: Chuck Ensey (4 1/2), $50

BU1800/2nd & 3rd U1800: Jay Choi (5), Eric Carmichael (5), Sam Barboo (5), $117 each  

Reserve Section (14 players)

8 Class C (U1600): Rocio Murra, Michelango Barozzi, Bryan Tangtartharakul, Fred Clevland, Claire Negus, Andrew Liu, Thomas Diem and Stephen Zhu

6 Class D (U1400): Martin Stukan, Cassidy Liu, Alex Costello, Mark Negus, Matthew Wang and Maria Murra  

Prize Winners:

BU1600: Michaelangelo Barozzi (6 1/2), $150

2nd U1600: Rocio Murra (6)  BU1400: Alex Costello (6), $62 each

3rd U1600: Bryan Tangtartharakul (4 1/2), Thomas Diem (4 1/2) and Fred Cleveland (4 1/2), $8 each

2nd U1400: Mark Negus (3), Patrick Edwards (3), Matthew Wang (3) and Maria Murra (3), $5 each  

Best Game Prize Open Section: Elkaei Rivera for win over Aaron Wooten

Best Game Prize Premier Section: Zechariah Zhu for win over Edgar Lopez

Best Game Prize Reserve Section: Stephen Zhu for  win over Claire Negus   

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