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June Gambito Opens #566 - #570

Gambito #570 6/30/12

25 players, here they are in pre-event rating order: 

3 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Kyron Griffith and Peter Graves

8 Experts: Paul Agron, Avram Zaydenberg, Aaron Wooten, Jeff Turner, Leonard Sussman, Bud Stamper, Ben Barquin and Elkaei Rivera

4 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Madhavan Vajapeyam, Pejman Sagart and Chuck Ensey

2 Class B: Jay Choi and Tom Kuhn

2 Class C: Eric Carmichael and Fred Cleveland

3 Class D: Cassidy Liu, David Palmer and  Keric Rivas

3 Class E: Martin Stukan, Nicholas Li and Derek Williams

Kyron beat Cyrus in round 4, earlier Cy had drawn with Bud Stamper in round 1. Kyron also beat Peter Graves, Jeff Turner and Elkaei Rivera. Sussman beat Peter Graves in the last round. Not a lucky day for our two older masters, as youth prevailed today, at least in the master class. In the Experts, Lenny Sussman redeemed the grey hairs.  

This event has already been rated...

Here are the Prize winners:

Open Section (15 players)

First Place: Kyron Griffith (4), $100

2nd Place: Leonard Sussman (3 1/2), $60

BU2400: Paul Agron (2 1/2), $60     BU2200: Madhavan Vajapeyam (2 1/2), $60

BU2000: Chris Wonnell (1) and Pejman Sagart (1), $30 each

Reserve Section (U1800), 10 players

BU1800: Eric Carmichael (3 1/2), $50

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (2 1/2), $50

BU1400: Martin Stukan (2) and David Palmer (2), $10 each  

Total Prizes: $460         Next week: Super Gambito on 7/07/12    

Gambito #569 6/23/12

38 players, huge turnout once again... Summer is officially here!

Here they are in pre-event rating order:

2 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala and Bruce Baker

13 Experts: Nikolay Arutyunov, Raoul Crisologo, Paul Agron, Venkat Iyer, Aaron Wooten, Tim McGuiness, Carey Milton, Ben Barquin, Alan Sebeckis, Jamieson Pryor, Leonard Sussman, Bud Stamper and Lennart Mathe

10 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Madhavan Vajapeyam, Buddy Morris, Edgar Lopez, Jason Ma, Kenneth Xu, Pejman Sagart, Aaron Householder, Jason Arbeiter and William Wijaya

5 Class B: Jason Qu, Scott Householder, Jay Choi, James Mitchell and Tom Kuhn

4 Class C: Aaron Moman, Eric Carmichael, Fred Cleveland and Jesse Wang

4 Class D: Alex Householder, Matthew Wang, Alex Costello, and Said Tawakul (unr)

Bruce Baker directed and used a 3 point McMahon with M/Exp=3, A=2, B-1, C/D=0.

Here are the Prize winners (note the addition of 2nd place prizes which were omitted by mistake originally)

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (7), $125

Second Place/BU2400: Nikolay Arutyunov (6) and Venkat Iyer (6), $75 each

BU2200/2nd U2400): Aaron Wooten (5 1/2), Paul Agron (5 1/2) and Leonard Sussman (5 1/2), $33 each

2nd U2200: Bud Stamper (5) and Jamieson Pryor (5), $12 each

BU2000/2nd U2000: Jason Ma (5) and Aaron Householder (5), $50 each

BU1800: Jay Choi (3 1/2), $75

2nd U1800: Jerry Qu (3), $20

BU1600/2ndU1600: Alex Costello (3) and Aaron Moman (3), $47 each

Total Prizes: $690

Gambito #568 6/16/12

Relatively light turnout due to some of our players being in Las Vegas for the National Open. Good luck to all of them! We had 22 players here, and we opted for a two section format with the Open Section for Masters and Experts, and the Premier Section for Class A, B and C. Here they are in pre-event rating order:

Open Section (11 players)

3 Masters: Kyron Griffith, Bruce Baker and Nikolay Arutyunov

6 Experts: Raoul Crisologo, Aaron Wooten, Jeff Turner, Elkaei Rivera, Bud Stamper and Leonard Sussman. Jim Humphrey also filled in as a house player for one game.

2 Class A playing up: Madhavan Vajapeyam and Buddy Morris

Prize winners:

First Place: Bruce Baker (3 1/2), $100

BU2400: Kyron Griffith (3), $50 BU2200: Aaron Wooten (2 1/2), $50

Second Place: Buddy Morris (2), Nikolay Arutyunov (2), Bud Stamper (2), Jeff Turner (2), Leonard Sussman (2) and Madhavan Vajapeyam (2), $6 each

Premier Section (11 players):

2 Class A: Sridhar Ramanujam and Chuck Ensey

3 Class B: Zechariah Zhu, John Donahoo and Eliza Eggert. Phil Skiba filled in for one house game.

5 Class C: Daniel Zhu, Robert Henderson, Fred Cleveland, Ben Keltner and Andrew Slaughter

1 Class D: Patrick Edwards. Stanford Talcott also filled in for two house games.

Prize winners:

First Place: Eliza Eggert (3 1/2), $50

BU1800: Zechariah Zhu (3), $50 BU1600: Daniel Zhu (3), $50

Total Prizes: $390

Gambito #567 6/09/12

31 players, great turnout once again. Here is the very strong field in pre-event rating order:

8 Masters: IM Dionisio Aldama, IM Cyrus Lakdawala, Varun Krishnan, Kyron Griffith, Peter Graves, Bruce Baker, Martin Nilsson and Nikolay Arutyunov.

8 Experts: Venkat Iyer, Shirin Navabi, Aaron Wooten, Jamieson Pryor, Leonard Sussman, Bud Stamper, Jeff Turner and Elkaei Rivera.

5 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Buddy Morris, Jason Ma, Pejman Sagart and Jerry Qu.

6 Class B: Steve Perry, Marco Gonzalez, Anthony Harbone, Sam Barboo, John Donahoo and Donald Klaas.

4 Class C: Fred Cleveland, Jesse Wang, Libano Rodriguez and Matthew Wang.

Bruce Baker directed and used a 3 point McMahon pairing system where M=3, Exp=2, A=1, B/C=0. Kyron beat Dionisio in round 2, but lost to Cyrus in round 3 and drew with Bruce Baker in the last round. Cyrus also drew with Martin Nilsson in the 2nd round and with Dionisio in the last round. Cy won against familiar foes Bruce and Kyron. Dionisio beat Peter Graves and Martin Nilsson. The event is already rated so you can see the crosstable on the USCF website.

Here are the Prize Winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (6), $100

2nd Place: Dionisio Aldama (5 1/2), $40

BU2400/2nd Place: Bruce Baker (5 1/2), Kyron Griffith (5 1/2) and Varun Krishnan (5 1/2), $40 each

BU2200: Shirin Navabi (4 1/2), $75

BU2000: Pejman Sagart (4) and Buddy Morris (4), $40 each

BU1800: John Donahoo (2 1/2) and Donald Klaas (2 1/2), $40 each

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (2 1/2), $70

Total Prizes: $565

Gambito #566 June Super Gambito 6/02/12

$700 in guaranteed prizes, $940 actually paid

Entry Fee = $25, Questions? email Chuck at or call Bruce at 619-239-7166. 2 International Masters have been playing lately - Cyrus Lakdawala and Dionisio Aldama. Cyrus won the last battle, but it was a real barn burner! Come watch the action filled rematch!!

41 players, outstanding turnout, it must be summer in San Diego! This allowed us to have 3 sections, here they are in pre-event rating order:

Open Section (17 players)

5 Masters: IM Dionisio Aldama, IM Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker, Peter Graves, Nikolay Arutyunov

10 Experts: Avram Zaydenberg, Peter Hodges, Raoul Crisologo, Jamieson Pryor, Aaron Wooten, Leonard Sussman, Ben Barquin, Elkaei Rivera, Bud Stamper and Bob Defore.

2 Class A playing up: Jesus Orozco and Esteban Escobedo

3 house players filled in when need: Paul Agron, Albert Dumaran and John Donahoo

Here are the Prize winners (Best Game Prizes will be given later) :

First Place: Dionisio Aldama (4), $125 Dionisio Also won Best Game Prize $15

Second Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3), $80 BU2400: Ben Barquin (3), $80

2nd U2400: Peter Graves (2 1/2) and Nikolay Arutyunov (2 1/2), $20 each

BU2200/2nd U2200/3rd U2200: Raoul Crisologo (2 1/2), Aaron Wooten (2 1/2) and Bud Stamper (2 1/2), $47 each

Premier Section (14 players)

5 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Edgar Lopez, Pejman Sagart, Chuck Ensey and Jerry Qu

9 Class B: Jay Choi, Rolando Ignacio, Steve Perry, Anthony Harbone, Sam Barboo, Andrew Negus, Eliza Eggert, Tom Kuhn and Glenn Rich

Prize winners:

BU2000: Edgar Lopez (3 1/2), $80 Edgar also won Best Game Prize, $15

2nd U2000: Chris Wonnell (3), $40

BU1800: Rolando Ignacio (3), $80

2nd U1800: Steve Perry (2 1/2), $40

3rd U1800: Anthony Harbone (1 1/2), Jay Choi (1 1/2), Andrew Negus (1 1/2) and Sam Barboo (1 1/2), $5 each

Reserve Section (10 players)

5 Class C: Steve Gordon, Fred Cleveland, Ben Keltner, Thomas Diem and Claire Negus

5 Class D: Keric Rivas, Jesse Wang, Cassidy Liu, Mark Negus and Matthew Wang

Prize winners:

BU1600: Jesse Wang (3 1/2), $75

2nd U1600: Claire Negus (3) and Ben Keltner (3), $12 each

BU1400: Cassidy Liu (2), $50

2nd U1400: Keric Rivas (1) and Matthew Wang (1), $10 each

Total prizes: $940

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