Friday, May 4, 2012

May Gambito Opens #562-565

Gambito #565    5/26/12 

29 players, big turnout over the long weekend. Here are the players in pre-event rating order: 

2 Intl Masters: Dionisio Aldama, Cyrus Lakdawala    

2 Masters: Bruce Baker and Kyron Griffith

9 Experts: WFM Shirin Navabi, Venkat Iyer, Jamieson Pryor, Aaron Wooten, Leonard Sussman, Elkaei Rivera, Ben Barquin, Jeff Turner and Bud Stamper

4 Class A: Jesus Orosco, Esteban Escobedo, Buddy Morris and Pejman Sagart

8 Class B: Jerry Qu, Datris Robinson, Jason Arbeiter, Jay Choi, Anthony Harbone, Tom Kuhn, Eliza Eggert, William Delaney (John Donahoo was a house player for 2 games)  

4 Class C: Mark Lawless, Fred Cleveland, Rex Pimental, Michael Blandin 

Bruce Baker directed and used a 3 point McMahon where M=3, Exp=2, A/B=1, C=0 

Here are the prize winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (6 1/2), $100    Dionisio Aldama (6), $60

BU2400: Kyron Griffith (5), $75      BU2200: Jamieson Pryor (5), $75

BU2000: Jason Arbeiter (4), $75

BU1800: Jerry Qu (3 1/2) and Jay Choi (3 1/2), $30

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (2 1/2), $60

Total Prizes: $505


Gambito #564    5/19/12 

25 players, plus 1 house player, here they are in pre-event rating order:

3 Masters: Dionisio Aldama, Cyrus Lakdawala and Kyron Griffith

5 Experts: Jamieson Pryor, Aaron Wooten, Leonard Sussman, Carey Milton and Bud Stamper

6 Class A: Esteban Escobedo, Buddy Morris, Sridhar Ramanujam, Chuck Ensey, Alexander Blank and Jerry Qu.  

4 Class B: Jay Choi, John Donahoo (house), Anthony Harbone and James Mitchell

4 Class C: Fred Cleveland, Angelo Barozzi, Andrew Slaughter and Ben Keltner

4 Class D: Jesse Wang, Michael Blandin, Patrick Edwards and Rick Vattuone (unr)

We used a two section Swiss, but also with a 1 point McMahon where Master and Experts started with 1 point and so did Class B players.

This worked well because the Class B's never had to face Class A's and the McMahon made the first round more competitive.

Here were the Prize winners:

Open Section (14 players)

First Place: Dionisio Aldama (4 1/2), $100 

Second Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (4), $60  

BU2400/2200: Carey Milton (3 1/2) and Leonard Sussman (3 1/2), $60 each

BU2000: Buddy Morris (2 1/2), $60      

Reserve Section (U1800), 12 players

First Place: Anthony Harbone (4), $60  

BU1600: Angelo Barozzi (3 1/2), $60  

Total Prizes: $460


Gambito #563  5/12/12

4 rounds of G/40, 26 players, great turnout...Here they are:

5 Masters: Dionisio Aldama, Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker, Kyron Griffith and Peter Hodges.

9 Experts: Paul Agron, Raoul Crisologo, Venkat Iyer, Shirin Navabi, David Rupel, Aaron Wooten, Leonard Sussman, Elkaei Rivera and Bud Stamper.   

3 Class A: Pejman Sagart, Datris Robinson and Jerry Qu.

2 Class B: Jay Choi and Andrew Negus.

2 Class C: Fred Cleveland and Claire Negus.

5 Class D: Thomas Diem, Cassidy Liu, Mark Negus, Cephius Martinez and Patrick Edwards. 

We used a 3 point McMahon where M=3, Exp=2, A=1, B/C/D=0

Prize Winners:

First Place: Dionisio Aldama (6 1/2), $100

2nd Place: Peter Graves (5 1/2), $60

BU2400: Kyron Griffith (5) and Bruce Baker (5), $30 each

BU2200: Elkaei Rivera (5), $60

BU2000: Pejman Sagart (3 1/2), $60  

BU1800: Andrew Negus (3) and Jay Choi (3), $30 each  

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (3), $60

Total Prizes: $460


Gambito #562  MaySuper Gambito  5/5/12  Cinco De Mayo  

Only 24 players today, there was a large event in LA that drew away some of our players. Still we had a strong field with lots of Masters. This time Class A players were moved into the Reserve section because we always are tinkering to try improve the experience for everyone. The move was made due to the large number of Masters and Experts we have as regulars now, so it is likely this move is going to be permanent. We would like to have 3 sections when there are enough players U1400 to justify it, so it would look like this:Open: Masters & Experts; Premier: A's and B's; Reserve: C's & D's. We have done this several times, but we need about 30 players or more to make it work well.

For regular Gambito Opens (non Super) we will continue to use the McMahon which seems to work pretty well, but I still like to thrown in a few traditional Swisses to keep things interesting. That way you don't end up playing the same people every week.      

Open Section (13 players)

6 Masters: Dionosio Aldama, Peter Graves, Varun Krishnan, Bruce Baker, Kyron Griffith and Alan Tsoi.

7 Experts: Leonard Sussman, Aaron Wooten, Ben Barquin, Elkaei Rivera, Jeff Turner, Bud Stamper and Esteban Escobedo    

Reserve Section (11 players)

3 Class A: Chuck Ensey, Albert Dumaran and Datris Robinson

5 Class B: Jerry Qu, Alexander Blank, Rolando Ignacio, Jay Choi and  Anthony Harbone

3 Class C: Andrew Slaughter, Fred Cleveland and Cepheus Martinez

Here were the Prize winners:

Open Section:

First/Second Place: Varun Krishnan (3 1/2) and Dionisio Aldama (3 1/2), $100 each

BU2400/2ndU2400: Bruce Baker (2 1/2) and Kyron Griffith (2 1/2), $50 each

BU2200/2ndU2200: Ben Barquin (2 /12) and Aaron Wooten (2 1/2), $50 each

Reserve Section (U2000), 11 players

First Place: Alexander Blank (3 1/2), $75

BU1800: Jerry Qu (3), $75

2nd Place: Albert Dumaran (2 1/2) and Datris Robinson (2 1/2), $12 each

2nd U1800: Rolando Ignacio (2 1/2), $25 

BI1600: Cepheus Martinez (1 1/2), $50

2nd U1600: Fred Cleveland (1) and Andrew Slaughter (1), $10

Best Game Open Section: Aaron Wooten for win over Peter Graves, $15  

Best Game Reserve Section: Alexander Blank for win over Chuck Ensey, $15

Total Prizes $700 


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