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March Gambito Opens #555 - #558

Gambito Open #558 3/31/12

4 rounds of G/40 with 5 second delay. Registration is from 10 AM to 10:25. Rounds are at 10:30, 12:15, 2:45 and 4:30. One bye allowed in rounds 1 through 3, but no last rounds byes allowed. We like to start at 10:30 sharp, so if you are late you may have to take a bye in Round 1. Entry Fee is $20 and almost all money is returned in prizes, based on the number of players. Prizes are awarded in every rating class: Master, Expert, Class A through C and sometimes even Class D (U1400) if we have enough of those players.

The only memberships required are USCF, and we can sign you up on the spot ($48 per year, with some discounts for juniors or seniors). Annual SCCF membership of $18 ($10 for juniors) is deducted if you win more than that amount and SDCC membership of $60 is deducted if you win more than $100 over the previous 12 months.

Questions? email Chuck at or call Bruce at 619-239-7166

25 players today, including:

4 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Varun Krishnan, Peter Graves and Kyron Griffith

10 Experts: Alan Tsoi, Raoul Crisologo, Paul Agron, Shirin Navabi, Jim Humphrey, Jamieson Pryor, Venkat Iyer, Leonard Sussman, Aaron Wooten and Chris Wonnell

5 Class A: Ben Barquin, Bud Stamper, David Whitten, Pejman Sagart and Chuck Ensey

4 Class B: Hector Gonzalez, Anthony Harbone, Kenneth Carter and Eliza Eggert

2 Class C: Fred Cleveland and Anthony Trujillo (unr)

John Donahoo, Datris Robinson and Steve Perry filled in as house players

We used a 2 point McMahon, where M/E=2, A=1, B/C=0

Here are the prize winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (5 1/2), $100

2nd Place/U2400: Varun Krishnan (5) and Kyron Griffith, $60 each

BU2200: Alan Tsoi (5), $60    2nd U2200: Aaron Wooten (4 1/2), $40

BU2000: David Whitten (4), $60

BU1800: Kenneth Carter (3), $60

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (1/2), $0 (no points scored, except 1/2 bye)

Notable rating changes: Alan Tsoi attained Master rating (est 2207) with wins over Shirin Navabi and Raoul Crisologo and a last round draw with Cyrus. Varun Krishnan went over 2300 (est 2308) with wins over Jamieson Pryor, Kyron Griffith and Jim Humphrey. David Whitten  gained an estimated 52 points with wins over Ben Barquin, Chuck Ensey and Paul Agron, taking him up to ~1950. Kenneth Carter also had a good day, gaining ~63 points (now up to ~1716) with wins over the unrated Anthony Trujillo and  Hector Gonzalez, plus draws with Bud Stamper and Datris Robinson. And welcome to Anthony Trujillo who scored his first rated win (over Fred Cleveland), giving him an estimated rating of 1407 based on the four games today.       

Total Prizes $430    


Gambito Open #557 3/24/12

21 players today, including:

5 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker, Varun Krishnan, Peter Graves and Kyron Griffith

4 Experts: Raoul Crisologo, Venkat Iyer, Jamieson Pryor and Leonard Sussman

5 Class A: Chris Wonnell, Bud Stamper, Sridhar Ramanujam, Chuck Ensey and Jay Choi

4 Class B: Datris Robinson, Steve Perry, Anthony Harbone and Sam Barboo

3 Class C: Fred Cleveland, Thomas Diem and Cassidy Liu

We used a 3 point McMahon pairing system: M/E=3, A=2, B=1, C=0

Cyrus had a draw with Varun in round 2, and he also beat Peter Graves, Kyron and Jamieson. Graves beat Stamper, Iyer and Griffith. Kyron beat Bruce Baker and Raoul Crisologo, but then lost to Cyrus and Peter. Jamieson drew with Wonnell, and beat Sussman and Varun. Wonnell beat Ensey, Stamper and Iyer. Datris Robinson beat Harbone, Choi and Sridhar Ramanujam before losing to Stamper. Datris gained an estimated 55 points to put him back over 1800 (1812?) and Wonnell gained 44 to go back over 2000 (2022?). David Whitten continued his run, beating Expert Jim Humphrey in a house game. David is now 1895 or so, up from the 1400s not too long ago!

Here were the prize winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (6 1/2), $100

BU2400: Peter Graves (6), $50

Second Place: Varun Krishnan (5 1/2), $40

BU2200: Jamieson Pryor (5 1/2), $50 BU2000: Chris Wonnell (5 1/2), $50

BU1800: Datris Robinson, (4), $50

BU1600: Cassidy Liu (2) and Fred Cleveland (2), $15 each

Total Prizes: $470

Gambito Open #556 3/10/12

We had 26 players today, pretty good turnout considering there was a big event in LA. Here were the players:

3 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker and Peter Graves

7 Experts: Raoul Crisologo, Alan Tsoi, Craig Clawitter, Venkat Iyer, Jamieson Pryor, Leonard Sussman and Elkaei Rivera

7 Class A: Ben Barquin, Chris Wonnell, Jason Ma, Bud Stamper, Pejman Sagart, Chuck Ensey and Jay Choi

3 Class B: Nestor Dagamat, Steve Perry and Anthony Harbone

6 Class C: David Narevsky, Cory Foster (visiting from Colorado), Fred Cleveland, Claire Negus, Carl Dagamat and Mark Negus

We used a 2 point McMahon pairing system where M/E=2, A=1, B/C=0

Cyrus lost to Peter Graves, Peter lost to Bruce Baker and Bruce lost to Cyrus! Bruce also beat Venkat Iyer, Raoul Crisologo and Peter Graves. His estimated rating went up 16 points to 2307. Peter jumped 20 points to 2278 after beating Jamieson Pryor, Cyrus and Raoul. Cy's rating dropped 12 to 2568, halting his "impossible dream" of getting to 2600. In order to do it by playing in the Gambito he would need to go for months without a loss which is very tough to do.

Chris Wonnell had a good day (up 43 points to 1978 est) with wins over Pejman Sagart and Jamieson Pryor followed by draws with Venkat and Elkaei. Alan Tsoi beat Venkat in the last round to win BU2200. David Narevsky won BU1600 and immediately used the $60 prize to pay for his SDCC club membership. Thanks David!

Here were the prize winners:

First/Second Place/BU2400: Cyrus Lakdawala (5), Bruce Baker (5) and Peter Graves(5), $73 each

BU2200: Alan Tsoi (4 1/2), $60

BU2000: Ben Barquin (4) and Chris Wonnell (4), $30 each

BU1800: Nestor Dagamat (2 1/2), $60

BU1600: David Narevsky (2 1/2), $60

Total Prizes: $460

Gambito #555 3/03/12 March Super Gambito Open

$25 Entry Fee, $700 in Guaranteed Prizes

2 Sections, Open and Reserve (U1800)

29 players today, including:

4 Masters: Cyrus Lakdawala, Bruce Baker, Peter Graves and Kyron Griffith

4 Experts: Alan Tsoi, Paul Agron, Jamieson Pryor and Leonard Sussman

8 Class A: Madhavan Vajapeyam, Ben Barquin, Jason Ma, Pejman Sagart, Chuck Ensey, Jay Choi, David Whitten and Datris Robinson

5 Class B: Rolando Ignacio, Anthony Harbone, Tom Kuhn, Eliza Eggert and Jared Weiss

4 Class C: Gurveer Singh, Daniel Zhu, Fred Cleveland, Thomas Diem

4 Class D: Cassidy Liu, Stephen Zhu, Patrick Edwards and Joshua Chung

Cyrus and Kyron drew in round 3. David Whitten put in another sparkling performance. After a 1st round lost to Jamieson, he won 3 in a row from Jay Choi, Madhavan Vajapeyam and NM Peter Graves. I am guessing that is his first win over a Master and I can say for sure it boosts his rating over 1800 (1871 estimated). His hard study is paying off, and you might want to find out exactly what books he has been reading... Inquiring minds want to know! Also another good performance by Anthony Harbone, boosting his rating back over 1700 (1718 est). Stephen Zhu also gained over 100 rating points up to an estimated 1395. Probably over 1400 with bonus points...congrats to Stephen, who has also been helping run the computer pairings. Stephen beat two solid Class B players, Tom Kuhn and Eliza Eggert in the first two rounds!

Here were the Prize winners:

Open Section (16 players):

First/Second Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3 1/2) and Kyron Griffith (3 1/2), $100 each

BU2400: David Whitten (3), $75

BU2200: Alan Tsoi (2 1/2), $75

BU2000: Ben Barquin (2 1/2), $75

2nd U2400: Bruce Baker (2 1/2), $25

2nd U2200: Leonard Sussman (2) and Paul Agron (2), $12 each

2nd U2000: Jason Ma (2), $25

Best Game Open Section goes to Kyron Griffith, $15, for win over Jamieson Pryor

Reserve Section (13 players):

First Place: Anthony Harbone (3 1/2), $75

Second Place: Eliza Eggert (3), $25

BU1600: Gurveer Singh (2 1/2), $50 (note: still owes $25 entry fee)

2nd U1600: Stephen Zhu (2), Daniel Zhu (2) and Cassidy Liu (2), $7 each

Best Game Prize for Reserve Section, goes to Stephen Zhu, $15, for win over Tom Kuhn.

Total Prizes: $700

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