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Murra Family Team Tournament

Murra Family Team Tournament  Rd 1 of 6    7 PM   10/05/11

This event will consist of normal rated games like we always play, the difference will be that the prizes will be based on the performance of the team. Each team will consist of 4 players. The top rated player on the team is board 1, the next bd 2, etc. When Team A plays Team B, then the top boards will play each other, Bd 2 will play Bd 2, etc. We normally have about 70 players in our events so I expect to have about 14 teams. We will decide who are on the teams at 7 PM before the first round. Don't be late! The top rated players will be the team Captains. Then we will have a "draft" where the team captains will select players from the available pool of players. Team 14 will pick first... We will add teams for round 2 when possible...

The time control will be G/120 with 10 second delay. This is a compromise between the G/90 players and those who like longer controls.

The draft took a little time, but was worth it in my book to get reasonably equal teams. We did end up with 14 teams as predicted (except we went with 4 player teams instead of 5), but we will be expanding to at least 16 teams for round 2. If you plan to join us, please email Chuck at as soon as possible, so I can put you on a proper team. Here were the individual results from last night, and then I will list the team results...

Board 1  Bruce Baker - Fawsi Murra Jr.  1-0

Bd 2  Fawsi Jose Murra - Bruce Charnov  1-0

Bd 3  Mayra Murra - Irina Nizmutdinova  0-1

Bd 4  Rocio Murra - Joshua Chung  1-0

Bd 5  Todd Smith - Buddy Morris  1-0

Bd 6  Karl Lindberg - Hector Gonzalez  0-1

Bd 7  Yury Kolesnikov - Erik Marquis  0-1

Bd 8  David Palmer - Roger Pedersen  1-0

Bd 9  Bob Defore - Martin Nilsson  0-1

Bd 10  Edgar Lopez - Jim Krooskos  1-0

Bd 11  Aaron Moman - Maria Murra  1-0

Bd 12  Bill Murray - Keith Wetterer  1-0

Bd 13  Jeff Turner  - Chuck Ensey  1-0

Bd 14  Guru Gopalakrishnan - Ron Rezendes  1-0

Bd 15  Zechariah Zhu - Sam Barboo  1-0

Bd 16  Daniel Zhu - Ross Blum  1-0

Bd 17  George Zeigler - Chris Wonnell  1/2-1/2

Bd 18  Jerry Qu - Fred Deleon  0-1

Bd 19  Mark Lawless - Darren Himeles  1-0

Bd 20  Darryl Woodson - Louis Wonnell  1-0

Bd 21  Jim Humphrey - David Saponara  1-0

Bd 22  Santi Pinon - Shaun Sweitzer  0-1

Bd 23  Anthony Harbone - David Pino  0-1

Bd 24  Dustin Movius - John Huey  0-1

Bd 25  Lennart Mathe - Philip Skiba  1-0

Bd 26  Tom Lavoy - Pejman Sagart  0-1

Bd 27  Ron Stanard - Stephen Zhu  1-0

Bd 28  Tom Kuhn - Rodney Mills  1-0

Bye:  John Funderberg, Raoul Crisologo, Al Virtue, Steve Perry, Patrick Edwards, Arnold Berlin.

Here are the team with class rating in parentheses. (M)= Master, (Exp)=Expert, E= U1200

Average Team Rating shown last

Team 1: Bruce Baker (M), Bruce Charnov (B), Irina Nizmutdinova (C), Joshua Chung (E), 1612 avg

Team 2: Todd Smith (M), Hector Gonzalez (B), Yury Kolesnikov (C), Roger Pedersen (E), 1660 avg 

Team 3: Martin Nilsson (M), Jim Krooskos (B), Aaron Moman (C), Keith Wetterer (E), 1616 avg

Team 4: John Funderberg (M), Guru Gopalakrishnan (B), Zech Zhu (C), Ross Blum (E), 1652 avg

Team 5: George Zeigler (Exp), Fred Deleon (B), Mark Lawless (C), Darryl Woodson (D), 1659 avg

Team 6: Jim Humphrey (Exp), Shaun Sweitzer (B), Anthony Harbone (B), Dustin Movius (E), 1627 avg

Team 7: Lennart Mathe (Exp), Pejman Sagart (A), Tom Kuhn (B), Stephen Zhu (E), 1652 avg

Team 8: Fawsi Murra Jr (Exp), Fawsi Jose Murra (B), Rocio Murra (C), Mayra Murra (C), 1696 avg

Team 9: Buddy Morris (A), Chuck Ensey (A), Erik Marquis (B), David Palmer (D), 1702 avg

Team 10: Bob Defore (A), Edgar Lopez (A), Steve Perry (B), Bill Murray (D), 1699 avg

Team 11: Jeff Turner (A), Ron Rezendes (A), Sam Barboo (B), Daniel Zhu (D), 1717 avg             

Team 12: Chris Wonnell (A), Jerry Qu (A), Darren Himeles (B), Louis Wonnell (D), 1724 avg

Team 13: David Saponara (A), Santi Pinon (A), David Pino (B), Arnold Berlin (D), 1734 avg

Team 14: Raoul Crisologo (Exp), Phil Skiba (B), John Huey (C), Ron Stanard (D), 1653 avg

Team 15: Al Virtue (A), Joel Batchelor (A), Tom Lavoy (C), Karl Lindberg (D), 1641 avg 

Team 16: Alejandrino Baluran? (E), Carl Newell ? (B), Fred Borges? (B), Maria Murra (D), 1705 avg

The last team is tentative.              

Here the team scores for round 1:

Team 1 (Baker) - Team 8 (Murra)  1/2 - 1/2

Team 2 (Smith) - Team 9 (Morris)  1/2 - 1/2

Team 3 (Nilsson) - Team 10 (Defore) 1/2 - 1/2

Team 4 (Funderberg) - Team 11 (Turner) 1/2 - 1/2

Team 5 (Zeigler) - Team 12 (Wonnell)  1-0

Team 6 (Humphrey) - Team 13 (Saponara)  1/2-1/2

Team 7 (Mathe) - Team 14 (Crisologo)  1-0



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