Friday, May 6, 2011

May Gambito Opens #516 - #519

Gambito #519  5/28/11

$20 Entry Fee, 4 rounds of G/45 at 10:30 AM, 12:15, 2:45 and 4:30. Registration from 10 AM to 10:25, don't be late or you may have to take a bye in round 1.  Questions? call 619-239-7166 or email

Gambito #518  5/21/11

23 players today, used a 3 point McMahon where M/E=3, A=2,B=1,C/D=0. Eliza Eggert directed her first tournament and did a great job, plus she once again played very well.

Players: 4 masters: Lakdawala, Baker, Graves and Griffith; 6 Experts: Nikolay Arutyunov, Daniel Giordani, Leonard Sussman, Paul Agron, Aaron Wooten and Buddy Morris; 4 Class A: Venkat Iyer, Fawsi Murra Jr, Joel Batchelor, Elkaei Rivera and Chuck Ensey; 3 Class B: Santi Pinon, Eliza Eggert and Anthony Harbone; 4 Class C/D: Mayra Murra, Fred Cleveland, Dustin Movius and Benjamin Fellman.

House players: Rocio Murra, David Whitten and Ross Blum, all played one game and won it. 

Prize Winners:

First/Second Place/U2400 pool: Bruce Baker (6), Cyrus Lakdawala (6) and Nikolay Arutyunov (6), $70 each

BU2200: Aaron Wooten (5) and Leonard Sussman (5), $25 each

BU2000: Venkat Iyer (5), $50

BU1800: Santi Pinon (4), $50  

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (3), $50

Total Prizes: $410

Questions? call 619-239-7166 or email  

Gambito #517  5/14/11

17 players, including 3 Masters: Lakdawala, Baker and Graves; 3 Experts: Sussman, Agron and Wooten; 4 Class A: Vajapeyam, Morris, Batchelor and Rivera; 4 Class B: Blank, Choi, Kuhn and Harbone; 3 Class C and below: Siddiqi, Cleveland and Stanard. Bruce Baker directed and used a 1 point McMahon pairings system where M/E/A started with 1 point, B's and below with 0.    

Cyrus drew with Peter Graves in Rd 3 and also defeated Vajapeyam, Baker and Sussman. Graves beat Baker in Rd 4, partially making up for two recent losses to Bruce. Rivera had a good day after a 1st round loss to Blank, he warmed up and beat Cleveland, Morris and Agron. Morris upset Wooten in the last round.   

Prize winners: 

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (4 1/2), $100

BU2400: Peter Graves (4), $45  BU2400/2200: Elkaei Rivera (4), $45

BU2000: Buddy Morris (3), $40  BU1800/2000: Alexander Blank (3), $40

BU1600: Fred Cleveland (2), $30

Total Prizes: $300  

Gambito #516  May Super Gambito   5/07/11

29 players today, slightly lower than average turnout; very strong Open section, but the Reserve Section could have had a few more players.

Open Section (19 players)

Players in rating order: 5 Masters: Lakdawala, Morshedi, Baker, Graves and Griffith

10 Experts: Brouillette, Arutyunov, Sussman, Humphrey, Agron, Wooten, Balmaceda, Vajapeyam, Iyer, Pryor

4 Class A: Vinoya, Sagart, Ma, Ensey  

Prize Winners:

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (3 1/2), $125

Second Place/BU2400: Ali Morshedi (3) and Bruce Baker (3), $75 each

BU2200: Nikolay Arutyunov (3), $75

2nd U2400/2200: Enrico Balmacedo (2 1/2) and Aaron Wooten (2 1/2), $25 each

BU2000/2nd U2000: Pejman Sagart (2), Jason Ma (2) and Chuck Ensey (2), $33 each 

Reserve Section (10 players)

Players: 5 Class B: Arbeiter, Qu, Eggert, Kuhn and Harbone

5 Class C and below: Narevsky, Cleveland, Edwards, Liu and Diem

Prize Winners:

First/Second Place: Tom Kuhn (3), Jerry Qu (3) an Jason Arbeiter (3), $33 each

BU1600/2ndU1600: Thomas Diem (2) and Fred Cleveland (2), $35 each

Kuhn lost to Arbeiter, Arbeiter lost to Qu and Qu lost to Kuhn! Thomas Diaz had a very good showing for his first Gambito, winning two games (against Harbone and Edwards)   

Best Game Prizes Open Section: Nikolay Arutyunov, $15, for win over NM Peter Graves

Best Game Reserve Section: Anthony Harbone, $15, for win over David Narevsky  

Total Prizes: $700  

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