Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ron Rezendes Shoot Out Round 1

Ron Rezendes Shoot Out Round 1 of 6    8/25/10  7 PM 

Ron Rezendes is this tournament's honorary player. When you see him please thank him for his many years of service to the San Diego Chess Club. He is one of our finest and most respected members. Congratulations Ron!!

As usual, the Entry Fee is $25, and also you can take 2 byes. Last round byes must be requested before Rd 2 and are irrevocable. For Time Control we will be returning to our usual 40/90, SD/60 with 5 second delay. There is one optional G/90 section, mainly for young players or for those who enjoy getting out early.

There will be 3 sections as follows:

59 players total so far

Ron Rezendes Open Swiss Shoot Out (14 players so far) 

This section is mainly for Masters and Experts (or Class A players with big ambitions!) We will use a regular Swiss system for pairings and the time control is 40/90, SD/60 (a five hour game if it goes that long). The winner will get a berth into the 2011 Club Championship without having to qualify through the normal way, that is, the 7 round Alina Markowski Open which starts January 5, 2011.

Bd 1 Bruce Baker - Raoul Crisologo  0-1

Bd 2  Paul Agron - Todd Smith  1-0

Bd 3  Carl Wagner - Jason Qu  1/2-1/2

Bd 4  Aaron Wooten - Alejandrino Baluran  1/2-1/2

Bd 5  Mario Amodeo - Bob Defore  0-1

Bd 6  David Saponara - Lennart Mathe  1/2- 1/2

Bd 7  Pejman Sagart - Nikolay Arutyunov  1-0

Bye: Bill Whitney

The Precision Pairing Section (32 players so far) 

This section will be trying a new pairing system in the spirit of innovation that characterizes the San Diego Chess Club. The section is open to all players rated under 2000 and there will be normal Class Prizes for Class A, Class B and Class C with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place prizes. The twist is that unlike a Swiss system, players will always be paired with whoever is closest to them in rating that 1) they haven't already played and 2) have the same number of points. That is, the same score group will be paired, for instance players with 2 points will play someone who also has 2 points (when possible), but instead of top-half versus bottom-half pairings, which are done in the Swiss system, players will instead be paired to someone as close to their rating as possible. All pairings are at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Alternate colors will be attempted but of course not guaranteed. The lower rated player will be given White if colors are equal. Time control will be 40/90, SD/60, same as the Open Section.

Bd 10  Buddy Morris - Chris Wonnell  0-1

Bd 11  Dayne Freitag - Tom Fries  0-1

Bd 12  Fred Deleon - Gary Tuttle  1-0

Bd 13  Matt Souza - Bruce Charnov  1-0

Bd 14  Ron Rezendes - Chuck Ensey  1/2-1/2

Bd 15  Robert Hall - Shaun Sweitzer  0-1

Bd 16  Edgar Lopez - Fawsi Jose Murra  1/2-1/2

Bd 17  Erik Marquis - Steve Perry  1-0

Bd 18  Rocio Murra - Guru Gopalakrishnan  0-1

Bd 19  Jim Krooskos - Hector Gonzalez  0-1

Bd 20  Anthony Harbone - Tom Kuhn  0-1

Bd 21  Mayra Murra - Jerry Qu  1-0

Bd 22  Mark Lawless - Eric Tuttle  0-1

Bd 23  Morgan Fox - Sam Barboo  1/2-1/2

Bd 24  Leonardo Villaverde - Fred Cleveland  1-0

Bd 25  Jonathan Centers - Carl Newell  1/2-1/2

Bye; Joe Rieker

Game 90 Shoot Out (U1500), 13 so far 

This section will consist of players who like to play "fast" (it is a 3 hour game instead of the 5 hour game in the other sections) and get out of the club at a reasonable hour, shortly after 10 PM at the latest. I hope this will allow some of our young students to play, but other players may enjoy it too. We will use a regular swiss system for this section.

Bd 30  Dan Press - Ronald Stanard  1-0

Bd 31  Tom Lavoy - Arnold Berlin  1-0

Bd 32  Maria Murra - Bill Murray  1-0

Bd 33  Monica Ness - Vaishnavi Rao  1-0

Bd 34  Tygan Zeng - Rao Rao  0-1

Bd 35  Keith Wetterer - Rachel Hong  0-1

Bye: Patrick Edwards


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