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Buddy Morris Doubleheader Rd 1

Buddy Morris Doubleheader Round 1 on 6/02/10  7 PM

We continue our ongoing practice of honoring long time club members by naming a tournament for them. The "Bud Man" is unique and beloved by all SDCC members. NM David Hart is one of his best friends at the club. His facination with minerals has endeared him to me, Chuck Ensey, being a former geologist myself. Talk of meteorites is enough to send Bud into near nirvana. He also is a big Padre fan, like many of us. And this year we have something to cheer about, at least so far!     

This is a 6 week event where in each round you will play one player as White, then turn the board around and play the same player again as Black. The time control is G/45 with 5 second delay. You are allowed 4 byes, but not against someone you have already played one game with, if you don't want to play the second game, then that is a zero point bye. In other words you can miss two weeks out of the six weeks and get byes for those two weeks. Except in the last round, where if you want byes, you need to let us know in advance by round 2 and they are irrevocable.

We tried this doubleheader format last year and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The games are fully rated, just like the Gambito Open. In fact this is partly to show players that a fast game is really not that much different than a slow game, because both players are under the same time constraints.

For those players who just can't bring themselves to play a fast game, we have another "Slow" Group where the time control is G/120 with 5 second delay.

The Doubleheader is 3 sections and the Slow Group in 2 sections. It is not too late to join, you can register by emailing Chuck Ensey at 

65 players total so far, 38 in the Doubleheader, 27 in the Slow Group 

Here are the results for Round 1:

Doubleheader (2 games per night at G/45), 38 players so far:

Morris Open (8 players so far):

Bd 1  Aaron Wooten - Bruce Baker,  Bruce won both games as White and Black

Bd 2  David Hart - Antonio Gonzalez, David won both games, Antonio was a house player

Bd 3  Fawsi Murra Jr - Leonard Sussman, Lenny won both games

Bd 4  Bill Whitney - Jamieson Pryor, Jamiseon won both games  

Bye: Raoul Crisologo

Morris Premier Section (16 players so far):

Bd 5  William Wijaya - Fawsi Jose Murra, William won both games

Bd 6  Jerry Soelberg - Dayne Freitag, Jerry won as White, lost as Black

Bd 7  Buddy Morris - Jim Krooskos, Buddy won both games

Bd 8  Hector Gonzalez - Robert Defore, Bob won both games

Bd 9  Chuck Ensey - Mayra Murra, Chuck won both games

Bd 10  Kirk Branner - Matt Souza, Matt won both games

Bd 11  Shaun Sweitzer - Guru Gopalakrishnan, Guru won as Black, but lost as White

Bd 32  Philip Skiba - Donald Klaas, Phil won both games, he is a house player 

Bye: Ron Rezendes   

Morris Reserve Section (14 players so far):

Bd 12  Rachel Hong - Sam Barboo,  Sam won as Black, and drew as White

Bd 13  Fred Cleveland - Arnold Berlin, Fred won as White, but lost as Black

Bd 14  Tygan Zeng - Bill Murray, Tygan won both games

Bd 15  Tom Lavoy - Dan Press, Tom drew the first game and won the 2nd

Bd 16  Kevin Brocker - Darryl Woodson, Darryl won the first and Kevin forfeited the 2nd

Bd 17  Patrick Edwards - Irina Nizmutdinova, Irina won both games

Bd 18  Luke Warren - Maria Murra, Luke won as White, but lost as Black       

Slow Group (G/120), 27 players so far:

Slow Open section (15 players so far):

Bd 20  Carl Wagner - Gary Tuttle  1-0

Bd 21  Chris Wonnell - John Funderburg  1/2-1/2

Bd 22  Mario Amodeo - David Delgadillo  1-0

Bd 23  Vincent Broman - Alejandrino Baluran  0-1

Bd 24  Thomas Fries - Marty Lower  0-1

Bd 25  Igor Royzen - David Saponara  1/2-1/2

Bd 26  Pejman Sagart - Alfredo Deleon  0-1

Bye: Jason Qu

Slow Reserve Section (12 players so far):

Bd 27  Anthony Harbone - Joe Rieker  0-1

Bd 28  Steve Perry - Mark Lawless  0-1

Bd 29  Eric Tuttle - Tom Kuhn  0-1

Bd 30  Rocio Murra - Libano Rodriguez  1-0

Bd 31   Jerry Qu - Edgar Lopez  1-0

Bye: Rafael Hernandez and Monica Ness







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