Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Night Blitz Chess

Every Friday Night at  7 PM 

Game in 7 minutes w/ 2 second delay, 7 rounds, $5 entry fee.

We are holding this every Friday in the Skittles room (so as not to disturb Bruce Baker's Jedi Knights Club). I (Chuck Ensey) will try to make it whenever I can, but I can't be there this week. Christopher Kuttruff will run the pairings this week, with assistance from Bruce when needed. I think this might be a good way to help grow the membership of the club as there might be a lot of players out there who are not ready for tournament chess, or who may be be intimidated by the prospect, but they might be more willing to give this a try. We will see... if the format will grow over time or not. I think it might catch on, at least the players so far are very enthusiastic!           

Last week on 3/12 we had a good turnout and it looks like we can expect somewhere between 10 and 20 players each week.

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