Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Blitz and Action Chess

12/30/09  Blitz Chess 7 PM

This was an unrated speed chess tournament on 12/30/09, similar to the one below (on 12/23), except that the time control was G/7 with 2 second delay. There were 9 rounds and two sections. The entry fee was $5 and all money was paid out in prizes. Total of 25 players, down from 34 last week. For this reason we used 2 sections instead of 3.

Open Section (13 players): 

First Place: Jim Humphrey (6 1/2), $25    Second Place: Antonio Gonzalez (6), $10

BU2000: Peter Hodges (6) and Esteban Escobedo (6), $12 each

Jim won the last Blitz tournament a few months ago, but with a higher score. This time he lost to Antonio Gonzalez in Rd3, drew with Peter Hodges in Rd 5 and lost in the last round to Bill Whitney (5 1/2) to go along with 6 wins. Other players were: Jesus Orozco (5), Ben Barquin (5), Alejandrino Baluran (4), Chuck Ensey (4), Phil Skiba (4 - house player), Lennart Mathe (3), Eric Smith (3), Robert Defore (3) and Pejman Sagart (2) 

Reserve Section (U1800 - 12 players):

First Place: Christopher Kuttruff (8), $25    Second Place: William Delaney (6 1/2), $10

BU1600: Karl Lindberg (6), $25

2nd U1600: Erik Marquis (5 1/2) and Peter Zajac (5 1/2), $5 each

The lowest rated player.Chris, came in 1st and in fact he dominated, winning 8 and losing only to #8 rated Karl Lindberg in Rd 7. Chris beat the #1 through #7 players.

Other players: Mark Lawless (4 1/2), Tom Kuhn (4 1/2), James Sturtevant (3), Dionnis Preclaro (3), Donald Klaas (2), Fred Cleveland (2) and John Carson (1 1/2) 


12/23/09  Action Chess  7 PM 

This event was not rated, except for the "action" ratings which nobody really cares about as far as I can tell. There were 3 sections (M/E, A/B, C/D). Six rounds of G/15 with 3 second delay. $5 entry fee, all of which was returned in prizes. Total = 34 players.  

Open Section - 12 players

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (5), $25; drew with Bruce Baker and Bill Whitney

Second Place: Bruce Baker (4 1/2), $10, drew with Cyrus, lost to Carl Wagner (4)

BU2200: Bill Whitney (4) and Alejandrino Baluran (4), $10 each    

Bill Whitney drew with Cyrus and Carl Wagner, but lost to Alejandrino Baluran. The Balladeer drew with Mario Amodeo and Peter Hodges, and lost to Cyrus in the last round.   

Also playing were: Carey Milton (3), Mario Amodeo (2 1/2), Lennart Mathe (2 1/2), Jim Humphrey (2), George Zeigler (2), Antonio Gonzalez (2), Peter Hodges (1)

Premier Section -  15 players

First Place: David Delgadillo (4 1/2), Chris Wonnell (4 1/2) and Robert Defore (4 1/2), $12 each

Each player tie for First Place lost to one of the other two. David lost to Chris and drew with Phil Roth. Chris lost to Bob Defore and drew with Esteban. Bob lost to David and drew with Esteban!  

BU1800: William Delaney (3 1/2), $25

2nd U1800: Chuck Ensey (3), Hector Gonzalez (3) and Tom Kuhn (3), $3 each 

Also playing were: Esteban Escobedo (4), Phillip Roth (3 1.2), Mike Souza (3 1/2), James Mitchell (2), Damani Fair (2), Mark Lawless (1), Donald Klaas (1), Ron Rezendes (0, withdrew after Rd 1)  and House player Saeid Abdoli filled in for one game here and one in the Open Section.                                                                       

Reserve Section - 7 players

First Place: Kenneth Xu (5), $25

Ken's only loss came in the last round against Fred Cleveland.

2nd Place: Jim Krooskos (4), $10

Jim lost only to Ken and Karl Lindberg.

Also playing were: Fred Cleveland (3), Karl Lindberg (3), Edgar Lopez (3), James Coulston (2 1/2), Roger Wathen (2) and Michael Herzog (1 1/2), who filled in as a house player for the last 4 rounds.  

Total prizes: $165 

Happy Holidays everyone!




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