Tuesday, August 11, 2009

San Diego Shootout Rd 1

San Diego Shootout  Rd 1 of 6   8/12/09

This is a 6 round Swiss played at G/90 with 10 second delay. Entry fee is $25. Two half point byes are available, but only IF you notify the tournament director in advance,before 6:30 PM on Wednesday, please call the club phone at 619-239-7166. The winner of the top section will earn a berth into the 2010 Club Championship without having to go through the normal qualifying 7 round Markowski Open. Cash prizes will be paid. This is NOT a knockout event, so you keep playing even if you lose all your games (let's not even think about that possibility!) The rounds are on 8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 9/02, 9/09 and 9/16/09.

We use this G/90 format once a year for a couple of reasons:

1) It is fun to try different time controls, and players can practice how to set their clocks, which is an important, but often overlooked skill.

2) We should be done at about 11:00 PM at the latest (worst case, many will be done much earlier) so this it allows more players to join in than normal. Some players can't play at our normal club time control (40/90, SD/1) because the games can go until after Midnight or worse, and it is too tough for them to get up and go to work the next day without the proper amount of sleep. With G/90, they have a shot at getting home at a reasonable hour.

3) It also gives a break to the sleep deprived TDs who have to stay until the last game is over EVERY single week, which means they are always getting home very late. 

The 10 second delay is to help out those players who think that G/90 is too fast for them. By the way, Bruce Baker says G/90 is one of his favorite time controls, but he is not a big fan of 10 second delay. That one is my little twist (Chuck Ensey).      

In 5 sections, here are Round 1 results: 

Gunslingers: Masters & Experts (over 2000 rating)

Bd 1  Carey Milton - Felix Villarreal  0-1

Bd 2  Bruce Baker - Jamieson Pryor  1-0

Bd 3  Jim Humphrey - David Hart  1/2-1/2

Bd 4  John Funderburg - Antonio Gonzalez  0-1

Bd 5  Ron Soto - Bassam Shammas  0-1

Bd 6  Raoul Crisologo - Fawsi Murra Jr  1-0

Bd 7  Jason Qu - George Zeigler  1-0

Bd 8  Alejandrino Baluran - Roberto Aiello  1-0

Bye: Fausto Robles 

Sharpshooters: Class A (1800 to 1999 rating)

Bd 9  David Delgadillo - Bill Whitney  0-1

Bd 10  Tom Fries - Robert Draper  1-0

Bd 11  Alfredo Deleon - Chris Wonnell  1/2-1/2

Bd 12  Joel Batchelor - Damani Fair  1-0

Bd 13  Fawsi Jose Murra - Chuck Ensey  0-1

Bye: Shaun Sweitzer, Ramin Sinaee, Marty Lower?

Snipers: Class B (1600 to 1799 rating)

Bd 14  Tom Kuhn - Jerry Soelberg  0-1

Bd 15  Mike Friedel - Matt Souza  0-1

Bd 16  Santiago Rubio-Fernaz - Brian Kelly  1/2-1/2

Bd 17  Fred Borges - Julian Rodriguez  1-0

Bd 18  Anthony Harbone - Carolina Villarreal  1-0

Bd 19  Maria Elena Villarreal - Erik Marquis  1-0

Bd 20  Rocio Murra - Steve Perry  1-0

Bounty Hunters: Class C (1400 - 1599)

Bd 22  Mark Lawless - David Peabody  1-0

Bd 23  Robert Samuel - Jim Krooskos  0-1

Bd 24  Patrick Edwards - Cristhian Garcia  0-1

Bd 25  Michael Ryan - Darryl Woodson 1-0

Greenhorns: Class D and below, under 1400

Bd 26  Jerry Qu - Russell Bellamy  1-0

Bd 27  Samuel Odedina - Morgan Fox  0-1

Bd 28  Maria Murra  full point bye

Bye: Monica Ness   

You may "play up" one section if you have a quick draw and are up for the challenge...

To sign up online, email chucnglo@aol.com and specify which section you want to play in. Note if we don't have enough Class D players, then the C's may be placed in the Bounty Hunter section 



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