Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chuck Ensey Doubleheader Rd 1

Wednesday 5/27/09 at 7 PM, 5 rounds in three sections

This round was like round 1 of the Markoswki, it featured large rating point differentials. Despite the mismatches (slaughter of the lambs?) there were 2 upset wins in the Fast Section and 1 in the Slow. Some players detest playing someone much higher rated, but others love it. To me it is a low risk learning opportunity. Even if you get beat badly, you are not going to lose many rating points, maybe two or three, and you can pick up some pointers from the higher rated player. I saw lots of players going over the games afterwards, and maybe some new friendships were made. Also this round gave players a chance to get used to the different time controls without too much stress...         

1) The Hares - 2 games at G/45 on the same night against the same opponent, one as White, one as Black 

Bd 1  Julian Rodriguez - Bruce Baker, Bruce won both games

Bd 2  Todd Smith - James Coulston, Todd won both games

Bd 3  Tom Kuhn - David Hart, David won both games

Bd 4  Ignacio Sainz - Erik Marquis, Ignacio won both games

Bd 5  Chris Calbat - Manuel Herrera, Manuel won both games

Bd 6  Lennart Mathe - David Peabody, Lennart won both games

Bd 7  Michael Ryan - Ronald Soto, Ron won both games

Bd 8  Mariano Lozano - Mark Lawless, Mariano won both games

Bd 9  Karen Kaufman - Jeff Turner, Jeff won both games

Bd 10  Dayne Freitag - Matt Souza, Dayne won the first, Matt the second

finally an upset! I hope the scores were reported correctly...

Bd 11  Orrin Olgart - Bill Whitney, Bill won both games       

Bd 12  Robert Defore - Roger Wathen, Bob won both games

Bd 13  Fred Borges - Pejman Sagart, Perry won both games

Bd 14  Ron Rezendes - Patrick Edwards, Ron won both games

Bd 15  Tom Lavoy - Shaun Sweitzer, Shaun won both games

Bd 16  Jerry Soelberg - Jim Krooskos, Jerry lost the first game, won the second

Bd 17  Glenn Rose - Mike Friedel, Mike won both games

Bye: Darryl Woodson     

2) The Tortoises - just 1 game at G/120, with 10 second delay.

Bd 19  John Rinaldo - Fawsi Jose Murra  1-0

Bd 20  Santiago Rubio-Fernaz - George Zeigler  0-1

Bd 21  Thomas Fries - Chuck Ensey  1-0 

Bd 22  Brian Kelly - Jamieson Pryor  0-1

Bd 23  Jason Qu - Anthony Harbone  1-0

Bd 24  Steve Perry - Buddy Morris  0-1

Bd 25  Vincent Broman - Robert Samuel  1-0

Bd 26  Russell Bellamy - Ramin Sinaee  0-1

Bd 27  Alfredo Deleon - Maria Murra 1-0

Bd 28  Helmut Keil - William Murray  1-0

Bd 29  Rocio Murra - Philip Skiba  1-0    

3) Match Play

If you want to play a 5 game match against the same opponent, arrange it yourself and let us know, or you can ask us to try to find someone suitable. 

Bd 30  Joel Batchelor - William Wijaya  1/2-1/2

email  to join this event, thanks, Chuck Ensey 


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