Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who will win the Markowski Tournament?

Who will win the Alina Markowski Qualifier in 2009?

Bruce Baker

David Hart

Carl Wagner

Todd Smith

George Zeigler

James Humphrey

Raoul Crisologo

Leonard Sussman

Buddy Morris


The Alina Markowski Tournament which serves as the qualifying tournament for the San Diego Chess Club Championship is about to begin starting on January 7th.  This has traditionally been our biggest and most popular event.  Twelve qualifiers will join four other players who already qualified in 2008 to make up a field of sixteen (16) players who will the play a seven (7) round Swiss System tournament to determine the 2009 club champion.

Aside from the four (Ron Bruno, Peter Graves, Felix Villarreal and Dimitry Kishinevsky) who do you think will win the Markowski Qualifier?


  1. Rick, Happy New Year!! It was crowded last Wednesday. I have to adjust to this new format. I think the winner of this qualifier will be determine with the highest tie-break. Who will win? There's a song " It might be you"? My son asked me, where did I got that Chargers Jersey? I said yours! and compliment your shot...thanks! Chezzed buzzed....balladeer.

  2. who will win the qualifier? it's a wild card.


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