Tuesday, January 13, 2009

San Diego Chess Club General Information

The San Diego Chess Club is located on 2225 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, California (Sixth & Ivy) in scenic & historic Balboa Park.

Club Manager: Bruce Baker
Club Phone Number: (619) 239-7166

Mail Box address:
San Diego Chess Club, P.O. Box 120162, San Diego, CA 92112

Membership Fees:

Regular $60 a year'
Seniors, active military $48
Juniors $30

Entry fee for Wednesday Night Tournaments (5 or 6 rounds) is $25.

In addition to Wednesday nights, the club is open on Friday evenings for juniors on Fridays as the Jedi Knights Childrens' Club and on Saturdays (10 AM to 7 PM) for the Gambito Tournaments.

For casual play the club remains open from 3 PM to 10 PM on weekdays

Chess Instruction available - see National Master Bruce Baker

The club also has chess equipment available for sale. Chess pieces, boards, bags, chess clocks and score pads.

The club also has an extensive chess library available to it's members.


  1. I am a novice player 66 years old. I would like to play and improve my game. How do I get started at SDCC?

  2. I just signed up as well on this site as well. I am 26 y/o novice. I understand there is a registration fee for membership. What does that entail?

  3. To the two new folks- Just drop by on any given Wednesday on or probably just before 7:00. Come on down and talk to people, feel out the place. I'm not sure what the policy is now, but when I joined you could play a trial tournament game or two as a house player before having to pay any sort of fee.

    The fee, I believe, is $60 (with various sorts of discounts for seniors, military, long commuters, etc.) per year. It also costs $25 or so per tournament (every six weeks or so is a new tournament), but there's a very good chance of recouping that as winnings from the tournaments, especially in tournaments with separate prizes for each given skill level.

    Basically, Wednesday evenings are the best time to drop by. Seek out the wise Chuck Ensey. He's the real heart of the operation and can probably answer just about any question you might have.

  4. Thank you Caley. I'll be coming by on a Wednesday @ 7.

  5. Are there non-tournament games on tournament nights? More specifically, is 1/28 a bad night for newcomers? :)

  6. Does National Master Bruce Baker provide classes for beginners? If not, can you recommend someone who does provide classes/instructions for beginners?

  7. What is Bruce Baker's contact info? Does he hold scheduled instruction sessions, or is it less formal?

  8. Fridays as the Jedi Knights Childrens' Club - I will be having my 6+ yr old grandson visiting from out of town for a few days later this month (June). I would like to know if I could bring him in to this session for kids? I will need to know details & cost, please? TKS!

  9. For the above questions, I want to let people know that the SDCC is an extremely open and friendly place that is about having fun and enjoying chess. Most nights there are people willing to play and help you, but Sat and Weds are the big tournament nights. Swing on by and visit, don't worry about fees and costs, you cna play for free and even enter some tournies without being a SDCC member. You will need to be a USCF member though for tournies.

    There are many masters and experts who frequent the SDCC, if your looking for lessons, swing on by an meet a few.

    I don't run the Jedi Knights club on Fridays, but from what I know of the people who do, I don't think there will be any problem if you bring your grandson by.

    Mike Friedel

  10. Hi,I would like to know more about the wednesday and saturday tournaments (location, best time to arrive and dates). Thank´s,

    A. Rios

  11. Hi. My 7 year old son just started playing chess this summer and I would like to know if I could bring him by to play with others, especially other young players. I have not found any other chess clubs in the area. We are in Mission Valley. Thanks!

  12. Hey Guys, if you have a member called Monica Ness, originally from England, who used to live in Colchester, Essex, tell her she owes me a couple of hundred bucks, or a cold beer. Apparantly she's been trying to reach me. So leave a proper e-mail address next time Monica :-)

  13. bkvb,
    To answer you question, the Jedi Knights Club meets on Friday night, as described above under 'general club info...'. And yes, it would be perfect for a 7 year old. I believe there is a small fee but you'll have to speak with Master Bruce Baker, who runs it.


  14. Hello,
    I'm a rated player from Canada (currently 1669). I will be visiting the San Diego area for 4 weeks, beginning Feb. 24 until March 20. Will I need to join your club and the USCF on top in order to play in a tournament? What are your recommendations for a visitor like me in order to maximize chess enjoyment and not break the bank in the process?

    Awaiting your response. All the best.

    Joel Lecorre
    Ottawa, ON, Canada

  15. You took the time to answer. It is much appreciated.

    All the best



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