Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Steve Spencer

Carey Milton called and asked me to post that Steve Spencer died last night of lung cancer. For those who knew him Steve was a high expert who I think reached master back in the 80's in San Diego. He had a ferocious attacking style and loved to complicate. He was one of my favorite opponents because I knew that win or lose, it was going to be an exciting game. Steve had a very easy-going personality and was liked by everyone who knew him.

This news comes as a real shock because Steve was probably only age 50 or so.

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  1. For those of us who remembered Steve Spencer, a strong expert who achieved master ranking in the 1980's and then dropped out of chess and went on to pursue his fascination and love for Brazilian culture in arts, music, cuisine and the carefree, joyful lifestyle. I fondly remember being a frequent guest at Steve's apartment in Point Loma in the 1980's where we were treated to Steve's Brazilian cooking.  Other frequent guests were chess masters Jim Maki, Jim Banks and John Milton.  After dinner we would play blitz chess into the night or watch MTV and Michael Jackson's "Thriller"video. In chess, Steve Spencer was a swashbuckler.  Steve loved blitz chess. Daring tactical attacking play was his forte and an encounter with Steve was always an adventure! I last saw Steve in 2003 (I believe) at the Carnaval in downtown San Diego where Steve was one of the organizers. Steve was always a joy to be around with.  He was always warm, friendly, funny in a good-natured way and generous to a fault.  It took me a few days to finally accept that he has passed on to a higher plane of existence and it was appropo that the heavens opened up with a deluge of rainfall these past few days to wash away the tears that keep welling in my eyes. This is an excerpt from an email from Maile Aguerre, President of PASA to FM James Maki who kindly forwarded it to us:
    "This is to inform everyone of the services that will be held for our dear friend Steve Spencer who passed away this past Sunday.
    "He was suffering for some time with lung disease and was not able to recover from it. We must be happy that his suffering is now over and he is in a better place.
    "I look forward to seeing you all there.
    "Viewing this Saturday from 5 to 10pm at the California Burial at 2200 Highland Ave. in National City.
    "There will be a room for food and beverages so we can all break bread and be together. If anyone would like to bring something, they are more than welcome to do so. There will be an open mike for anyone that would like to say a word.
    "Steve would want this to be Carnaval, a celebration of life, not a sad event, he would want a celebration of HIS life, which touched all who love Brazil, not only in San Diego, or California, but also in Brazil too.
    "The service will be held on Monday at 11am, at Saint John Catholic Church in Lemon Grove on 8886 Broadway. Maile Aguerre
    Pan American Surfing Association


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