Sunday, December 28, 2008

North american open 2008

check out our local players especially escobedo.....  keep your composure... concentrate, last but not least never look others games...and ben barquin,  i know you'll come back and rebound along with joel quiba.   who else???? chuck...make it 3 out of 7...happy holidays...buzzed...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Steve Spencer

Carey Milton called and asked me to post that Steve Spencer died last night of lung cancer. For those who knew him Steve was a high expert who I think reached master back in the 80's in San Diego. He had a ferocious attacking style and loved to complicate. He was one of my favorite opponents because I knew that win or lose, it was going to be an exciting game. Steve had a very easy-going personality and was liked by everyone who knew him.

This news comes as a real shock because Steve was probably only age 50 or so.

Sunday, December 14, 2008



The Gambito Tournaments are held every Saturday. A special tribute to Ron Gambito, well-loved SDCC member who passed away a couple years ago. An anonymous benefactor guarantees prize money and this has turned out to be a great success.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miltonian Institute of Chess

The Miltonian Institute of Chess was formed one Saturday afternoon during a Blitz game between yours truly and Carey Milton approximately 4 years ago. Approximately 4 weeks ago, the founder of the institute was found in a compromised position facing a life threatening situation. I am writing this note out of genuine concern and love for the Miltmeister (this is a title given only to a worthy handful) Carey Milton himself. The chess club is very happy to have you still "Milting" around with us. But please do not take this for granted. Take a little better care of yourself. Those energy drinks that I avidly advised against are not for you. Besides, you don't need them. It is your creativity that creates thunderstorms at the board. You are one of the most entertaining players I have ever met. Little more mild consistant exercise and a healthier diet, and we will indeed see the original Miltmeister reach 2200 rating and make us all very proud and happy. I admire your relentless energy and enthusiasm for the beloved game. I admire the fact the win lose or draw we can count on you to be there for the next game as though nothing ever happened. I am greatful to our creator for He allowed you to continue to be here. Milt Milt Milt Miltonian!!!!!!!!!!!!