Sunday, November 23, 2008

Carey Milton

Carey Milton was stricken today while playing Cy Lakadawala in Round 1of Gambito # 397.  He was rushed to Scripps-Mercy Hospital.  Eye-witness accounts report that a number of his friends came to his aid: Richard Jensen called 911;  Dimitry Kishinevsky ran to the road to flag down the ambulance; James Mahooti applied CPR.  I am sure that many of you present also provided assistance.
I heard about this later this evening from Jamieson Pryor and called the hospital at 8:30 p.m.
According to his attending nurse, Carey is stable and sedated at the moment.  Carey is *not* in intensive care and can receive visitors.  The nurse said that Chuck Ensey has already visited.
We are cautiously optimistic that the incomparable one will pull through (after all, he wins games a full queen down) and return to chess boards to dazzle us all with his wizardry.
Please keep Carey in your thoughts and prayers.  We will try to provide you with updates.

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  1. Carey was back at Gambito #399 and seems to be pretty much his old self. His game may have lost a little bit, but he crushed me in Round 1 with seemingly little effort and good technique. I don't know how many brain cells were lost in the time he was dead to the world, but he seems to have plenty of extra cells to spare. His heart did stop at least 3 times (the paramedics shocked him back to life each time with a defibrillator) and he may not have been getting enough oxygen for a brief but  unknown amount of time during his collapse at #397. Only time will tell if his rating can stay up there over 2100, but we certainly all wish him well. Our fear that he would suddenly be a Class C player seems to be off base. I think if he gets healthier as time goes on and recovers more fully, there is a very good chance he can continue his quest to reach master level...  Chuck Ensey


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