Friday, October 24, 2008

MicroSoft Closing the MSN Groups Service

I'm sure that some of you have seen the announcement that MSN (Microsoft)  is closing the services that host this site.  This will take place, so they say in February of 2009.  This caught me, frankly by surprise although after the initial shock wore off - it should have been expected.
MSN is recommending a "migration" to a partnered company called Multiply- which I never heard of until this announcement. I have registered at Multiply and looked around - it is different.  My main concern is if the new site supports Javascript which we use to display our games.  I will be posing this question to the Multiply Technical support people.
I have also been reading the message threads of my fellow site managers and many are skeptical about Multiply's ability to provide similar web services that we have been accustomed to for these four years. I will continue research to find the best solution for the San Diego Chess Club's needs before taking any sort of action with this site.
I will keep all of you updated on the latest developments and thank all of you for participating at this site.
Rick Aeria
Site Manager