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Tribute Rd 5

 A Tribute to Anderssen, Round 5 of 5, 7/02/08  7 PM

Read Adolph Anderssen's biography here.

This is a 5 round event using the McMahon Swiss pairing system. Masters and Experts started with 4 points, Class A players with 3, B with 2, C with 1 and Class D and below (under 1400) start with no extra bye points. Time control will be our usual 40/90, G/60 with 5 second delay.  [The next tournament, the Jerry Soelberg Open, starting July 9th, will we have a Slow (40/90, G/60) and a Fast (G/90) section.] Email  to ask for a bye, or call the club phone # at 619-239-7166. Must be done before 6:30 PM 7/02/08 Any questions? Call Tournament Director Bruce Baker at the club phone, or email TD Chuck Ensey at the email address above.

Here are the results: 

Commentary by Rick Aeria in green.  Chuck Ensey in blue

Board 1  Bassam Shammas (7) - Bruce Baker (7 1/2)  0-1

The question in the marquee battle tonight was whether or not newcomer Bassam Shammas could keep his unbeaten streak alive by holding off NM Bruce Baker.  It was not to be.  Baker wins the event with a 8 1/2-1/2 a full point ahead of his competitors.

For Bassam who hails from Baghdad, Iraq (8 years ago) this was a heady performance!  Bassam mentions that his brother who is also in San Diego is even stronger than he is!   So Bassam, a really modest, soft-spoken nice guy, finishes in an overall tie for third place and a clear first place in the 'A'-Section. Welcome to the San Diego Chess Club, Bassam!


Bd 2  John Funderburg (6) - Manuel Herrera (6 1/2)  0-1

The Thunderbird, after his heroics in the club championship is in his 'traditional funk'.  An indifferent result in the SCCF Candidates and now this. In a must-win situation against Herrera, who by the way is playing excellently, the Thunderbird overpresses the position.  With fine tactics, Herrera collects the full point and undivided second place in the tourney.

Bd 3  Rick Aeria (6) - Carey Milton (6)  1-0

Carey Milton  cultivates his chess rating like a prize Japanese bonsai tree, every extraneous branch and leaf is carefully pruned. Who can forget the carnage at the SCCF 2006 in Pechanga? In the Under-2000 Section, Carey masqueraded as as an 'A'-player and won it 6-0 with $1,200!  Chess commissar Chuckovich Enseyov assured party members that that was the last time the ruling Politburo would let a killer whale loose amongst the baby seals. Its just not environmentally sound. It's not that Milton is a sandbagger, but that Milton only brings out his 'A-game' when the big bucks are on the line.  Most of the time, Milton experiments with his openings and gets tagged sometimes.  This time, it was not the opening - a rare sub-variant of the Sicilian Sveshnikov but a lack of energy and carelessness that causes Milton's demise.  See game here.

Bd 4  Ed Baluran (6) - Robert Defore (5 1/2)  0-1

Definitely an upset which must have disappointed the Balladeer who is trying to maintain his expert rating.  Bob Defore is a fine player who plays with a burning intensity that belies his calm demeanor over the board.

Bd 5  Fawsi Murra Jr (5 1/2) - Jason Qu (5 1/2)  0-1

The Next Generation has arrived!  Fawsi Murra Jr. is one of the leading players of the Generation-X crowd at the club but this time he gets upended by an even younger member emerging Next Generation crowd, Jason Qu!  In a sharp Trompowsky, Jason launches a bold counterattack and overwhelms Fawsi's king. We are proud to present the game with 10-year old Jason's annotations  here.  Teacher IM Cyrus Lakdawala must be especially proud!  If Jason keeps this up, we have to name this generation which includes Daniel Grazian, Alan Tsoi and Varun Krishnan: Generation-Q!

Bd 6  Ron Rezendes (5 1/2) - Mario Amodeo (5)  0-1 

This was a night for a couple of unbeaten streaks to end.  First it was Bassam Shammas' 10-game unbeaten streak on Board 1 and now the club president, Ron Rezendes, falls victim to fiery Mario Amodeo.  For Ron Rezendes, who is probably a grandmaster-level player in pin-ball, it was a 15-game unbeaten streak. 

Bd 7  Vincent Broman (5) - Chuck Ensey (5)  1-0

After a close opening and middle part of the game Vincent took control in the ending where he always plays very well.   

Bd 8  Fred Borges (5) - Lennart Mathe (4 1/2)  0-1

Fred lost on time, but he was getting beat up on the board anyway.

Bd 9  Fausto Robles (4 1/2) - Shaun Sweitzer (4 1/2)  1-0 

Bd 10  Donald Klaas (4 1/2) - David Delgadillo (4 1/2)  0-1

Donald had a good tournament and his rating should jump up a nice amount, at least 70 points, close to 1500.

Bd 11  Jerry Soelberg (4 1/2) - Erik Marquis (4)  1-0

Jerry is looking forward to the Jerry Soelberg Open, starting Next Week...

Bd 12  Theron Pummer (3 1/2) - Rocio Murra (4)  1-0 

Theron filled in as a house player for William Wijaya, they are rated about the same (1800+) 

Bd 13  Santiago Rubio-Fernaz (4) - Robert Draper (4)  0-1

Bob is getting his game back into pretty good shape after a layoff..

Bd 14  Joel Batchelor (3 1/2) - Caley Anderson (4)  1/2-1/2

Caley has upset many players in the last few months, his rating is steadily climbing...close to 1700 now.

Bd 15  Hector Gonzalez (3 1/2) - Jerry Kavanau (3 1/2)  1/2-1/2

Bd 16  Mark Lawless (3 1/2) - Michael Ryan (3 1/2)  1-0

Bd 17  Ray Viernes (3) - Tom Kuhn (3)  1-0

Bd 18  Morgan Fox (3) - Ralph White (3)  1-0

Ralph lost this one, but had a good result overall.

Bd 20  Bill Murray (2) - David Whitten (2 1/2)  1-0

Bd 21  Chris Calbat (2) - Patrick Edwards (2)  1/2-1/2

This game went back and forth more than usual amount, a draw was fitting...

Bd 22  Darryl Woodson (2) - Keith Wetterer (1 1/2)  1-0

Darryl likes to play with a peice of green felt under the chessboard. Is he a poker player I wonder?

Bd 23  Kevin Fitzpatrick (1) - Robert Samuel (1 1/2)  0F-1F

Bd 24  Pejman Sagart (3 1/2) - Jamieson Pryor (3 1/2)  1-0  extra house game

Bye: Thirunathan Sutharsan (5)

Withdraw: Alfredo Delon (5), Nate Plapp (4),  Karen Kaufman (3), Steve Perry (2 1/2), Anthony Harbone (2 1/2), Arnold Berlin (2), Maria Murra (1), Stephen Tuba (1)

No Shows: William Wijaya, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Guadalupe Galvez 


First Place: Bruce Baker (8 1/2) $80, Second Place: Manuel Herrera (7 1/2) $40, Third Place: Rick Aeria (7) $20  

BU2000: Bassam Shammas (7) $70, 2nd U2000 Jason Qu (6 1/2) & Robert Defore (6 1/2) $45 each, 4th U2000 Mario Amodeo (6) $20

BU1800: Vincent Broman (6) $70, 2nd U1800 Robert Draper (5) $50, 3rd U1800 Fred Borges (4 1/2) and Caley Anderson (4 1/2) $20 each

BU1600: Donald Klaas (4 1/2) and Mark Lawless (4 1/2) $50 each, 3rd U1600 Jerry Kavanau (4), Ray Viernes (4) and Morgan Fox (4) $7 each

BU1400: Darryl Woodson (3) and Ralph White (3) $40 each, 3rd U1400 Patrick Edwards (2 1/2) and Chris Calbat (2 1/2) $10 each

Total Prizes $700 based on 56 players

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