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'07 Spring Rd 1

The Spring Swiss    Round One  4/18/07

Commentary by Chuck Ensey and additional, unnecessary commentary by Rick Aeria

This is a 5 round event in 3 sections: Open (over 1900), Reserve (1500-1899) and Booster (Under 1500 rating).

Match between Mark Duesterwald and Carl Wagner on Board 1.  First game went to Mark.

Bd 1  Mark Duesterwald - Dr.Carl Wagner  1-0   See Game Here

If this was a beer drinking contest it would be Hofbrau Oktoberfest (Marc) versus Lowenbrau (Carl). Two fine "German" Beers except that Lowenbrau is brewed in America and to get any German taste you would have to lick the Lowenbrau label.

The match is not as one-sided as one would think looking at Marc's high 2300+ rating to Carl's 2200+ rating. Carl has been playing some of his best chess in recent memory, missing out on being club champion last year (2006) by losing on time in a winning position in the final round.

Open Section

Bd 2  Bruce Baker - Mario Amodeo  1-0  Bruce played a very nice move (Re1!!) that won the game. I was playing next to their box and after glancing over, I thought Mario was pulling off a huge upset! But it was an illusion - wishful thinking?! Bruce had matters well in hand.

Bd 3  Thomas Fries - Rick Aeria  0-1  Rick practiced his endgame skills while a pawn up.

Bd 4  George Zeigler - Bob Defore  1-0   The Longest Game of the Night, it went on until 12:30 AM

Bd 5  Lennart Mathe - Carey Milton  0-1

Bd 6  Ed Baluran - Esteban Escobedo  1-0

Bye: Brad Salz, Ron Soto

Reserve Section 

Bd 10  Chuck Ensey - Alfredo DeLeon  1-0 

Alfredo has been struggling lately, but don't forget that he is one of the few players to have won a game from Cyrus Lakdawala (a few years ago).

Minor correction, Alfredo is one of the few "lettered" players (Class "A" and below) to have beaten the Great Cyrus Lakdawala in equal combat. For that feat, Alfredo is forever known as "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance". - Club "Historian" Rick

Bd 11  Vincent Broman - Jason Qu  1-0 

The Reserve Champion gets a rematch with his last round opponent in the last tournament.

Bd 12  Jamieson Pryor - Dayne Freitag  0-1

Jamieson filled in as a house player, next week could be his last with us before he heads back to Canada.

I will certainly miss Jamieson and his amusing antics. We should always remember this fine young player and here is an anecdote (absolutely true) that happened at the Amateur Team Championships in 2007: I was playing and losing to IM Kong Liang Deng and was in serious time-trouble. As I was trying to write my move down, Jamieson pulls the scorebook out of my surprised hands and tries to "helpfully" write down the moves for me. We had to calm the lad down and tell him that this was not allowed in America. Jamieson assured us that this was the normal practice in Canada!


Bd 13  Richard Jensen - Erik Marquis  1/2-1/2

Erik is always ready to upset any player who gives him the smallest chance

Bd 14  Damani Fair - Jerry Soelberg  1-0

Damani breaks a string of losses with a nice upset

Bd 15  William Wijaya - Anthony Harbone  1-0

Bd 16  Julian Rodriguez - Ron Rezendes  0-1

Bd 17  Pejman Sagart - Steven Perry  1-0

Bd 18  Tom Kuhn - Roberto Aiello  0-1

Bd 19  Shaun Sweitzer - Reno Tyrell  0-1

Reno took the last event (The Lasker Open) off, but now he is right back where he left off, upsetting higher rated players right and left.

Bd 20  Robert Samuel - Fausto Robles  0-1

Bd 21  Fred Borges - Patrick Edwards  1-0

Byes: Caley Anderson, Theron Pummer, Marty Lower

Booster Section

Bd 22  William Murray - Mark Lawless  1/2-1/2

Bd 23  Morgan Fox - David Hall  1-0

Bd 24  Daniel Bagliazo - Oscar Frias Reyna  1/2-1/2

Bd 25  Manuel San German - Karen Kaufman  0-1

Bd 26  Keith Wetterer - Monica Ness  1/2-1/2  Oops, Keith stalemates Monica while up too much material.

See Pairings Page for next weeks expected matchups

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