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Soelberg Rd 2

The Jerry Soelberg Open  Rd 2 of 6  7/16/08


Jerry Wins Trophy in May of 2008

Email tell me if you want to enter the stodgy old SLOW section (our regular time control of 40/90, G/60) or the new fashionable FAST section (G/90).  Both have 5 second delay. 6 rounds, 2 byes available.

Here are the results for round two:

Fast Section (G/90)  - 28 players

Commentary by Rick Aeria in green

Board 1  James Mahooti (1) - Bruce Baker (1)  1-0

James is a dangerous opponent as Bruce well knows. He has beaten almost every master at the club at one point or another, of course, with many more losses to go with those wins, but still it is impressive. Some of them he has beaten more than once. Now he gets to face his familiar foe the Balladeer, Ed Baluran, in Round 3. This is now a much friendlier rivalry than in the bad old days, the feud has been settled. They are not the best of friends, but now that Ed has toned down his dramatics a bit and James has mellowed out a bit, they play good games with respect for each other, the game, the sport and the art of chess. After all, that is what most players want to do - create a work of art on the chessboard that can be admired for forever.      

Bd 2  Carey Milton (1) - T. Sutharsan (1) 1/2-1/2

Carey Milton was very lucky to wriggle out of this mess with a draw. 

Bd 3  Jason Qu (1)  - Ed Baluran (1)  0-1

It was a Bishops of opposite colors ending, but Jason couldn't stop one of the pawns from marching to victory... 

Bd 4  Ignacio Sainz (1/2) - Fawsi Murra Jr (1/2)  0-1

Ignacio filled in for Ron Bruno (AWOL). A nice upset for Fawsi Jr.

Bd 5  Ron Rezendes (1/2) - Felix Villarreal (1/2)  0-1 

The Prez gets first crack at our newest club member, International Master Felix Villarreal (rated 2447).  Or was the crack the other way?  Felix Villarreal was one of the top chess masters in the late 1970's and early 1980's in Southern California.  He returns with his family - wife and three daughters.  Mariaelena has already served notice that Daddy can not only play - he can effectively teach!

We are very gratified to have such an honored International Master play regularly at our club!

Bd 6  Bassam Shammas (1/2) - Vincent Broman (1/2)  1-0

Newly minted master, Bassam Shammas, is starting another unbeaten streak.  Bassam is on # 2 now.  Last week, Bassam was lucky to escape with a draw last week from Jerry Soelberg. This time Bassam comes away with a hard fought win against another player with a hot hand, Vince Broman.

Bd 7  David Hart (1/2) - Jerry Soelberg (1/2)  1-0

Master David Hart proved too much for our honoree, Jerry Soelberg.  Jerry has had the pleasure of playing two masters in a row in a tournament named in his honorMaster David Hart is a pleasure to have around any tournament.  He is always willing to help and instruct players in analyzing their games.

Bd 8  Robert Reed (1/2) - Rick Aeria (1/2)  0-1

Robert Reed of Santee is unrated and playing in only his second tournament in nine years. He played well enough to nearly achieve a decisive advantage.

Bd 10  David Delgadillo (1/2) - Varun Krishnan (1/2)  1-0

'El Mariachi' David Delgadillo still shows that he knows how to play chess.  This time he beats future grandmaster, Varun Krishnan (10-years old).  Varun has beaten strong masters like Ron Bruno and Peter Graves recently.

Bd 11  Chuck Ensey (0) - Chris Calbat (0)  1-0

This ended up being a Bishop & Knight (my side) versus a Rook (Chris) with equal but unbalanced pawns. I was able to win one other pawn giving me a 3 to 1 majority on the Queenside. Those pawns proved helpful after I dropped my Knight. I could try to claim it was a brilliant piece sac in order to Queen my pawn, but the truth is I just dropped the little puppy to a Rook check that I overlooked. So it was lucky win for me... 

Bd 12  Mark Lawless (0) - Robbie Coda (0)  0-1

Bd 13  Jessica Lauser (0) - Patrick Edwards (0)  1-0 

Bd 14  Tom Lavoy (0) - Tom Kuhn (0)  0-1

Byes: Dayne Freitag (1/2), Michael Nagaran (1/2) 

Slow Section (40/90, G/60) - 42 players

Bd 26  Buddy Morris (1) - George Zeigler (1)  0-1

The Longest Game of the Night. George was a pawn up, but with just Rooks on the board, Buddy had a good chance to draw. In fact Bud is pretty sure he missed a draw there somewhere, but againt such a determined Expert as George it is very difficult to find over the board.   

Bd 15  Jim Humphrey (1) - Shaun Sweitzer (1)  1-0

Bd 16  Joel Batchelor (1) - Manuel Herrera  (1)  0-1

Bd 17  Mario Amodeo (1) - Ray Viernes (1)  0-1 

An exciting encounter between two very aggressive players.  Ray wins this battle with a very nifty rook sac and fork in the endgame.

Bd 18  Fred Borges (1) - Robert Defore (1)  0-1

Bd 19  Fausto Robles (1) - Fawsi Jose Murra (1)  1-0

Bd 20  Jamieson Pryor (1) - Robert Draper (1)  0-1

Crafty Robert Draper provokes young-and-eager Jamieson Pryor with a 'Tiger Modern' (well, at least it looked close).  Jamieson achieves a huge spatial advantage, literally like the Canadian Prairies where Jamieson is from.  However the young Canadian proceeds incautiously and Draper picks apart the extended structure with nice elan.  Master David Hart and I looked at woeful Jamieson's game later and made some suggestions for the future.

Bd 21  Caley Anderson (1/2) - Carolina Villarreal (1/2)  1-0  

Bd 22  Morgan Fox (1/2) - Brian Kelly (1/2)  0-1

Brian returns to the club to play in an event. Usually he is just a house player. Welcome back Brian!

Bd 23  Ryan Nichols (1/2) - John Huey (1/2)  1-0 

Ryan Nichols wins a very interesting game.  With most of the pawn chain blocked, Ryan nonchalantly leaves his knight en prise on the eighth rank several moves as he builds up his winning position.

Bd 24  Rocio Murra (0) - Matthew Kells (0)  1-0

Matthew is a friend of Jerry Soelberg and is playing in his first event in Jerry's honor.

Bd 25  Hector Gonzalez (0) - Bill Murray (0)  1-0

Bd 26  Joseph Serapilia (0) - Monica Ness (0)  1-0  Joseph is a house player, new to the club

Bd 27  Santiago Rubio-Fernaz (0) - Jerry Kavanau (0)  0-1

Bd 28  Arnold Berlin (0) - Michael Ryan (0)  0-1

Bd 29  Robert Samuel (0) - Darrell Woodson (0)  1-0 

Bd 30  Keith Wetterer (0) - Donald Klaas (0)  0-1

Bd 31  Chris Wonnell (1/2) - Mariaelena Villarreal  0-1

This is Mariaelena Villarreal's debut at the SDCC and she celebrates it by beating a very good 'A'-player in Chris Wonnell.

Bd 32  Theron Pummer (1/2) - Tom Fries (1/2)  0-1

Theron is going to move to the fast section. Any other defectors? Just let me know...

Bd 33  Marty Lower (1) - Lennart Mathe (1/2)  1-0  Marty is a house player but came up with his 2nd win!

Byes: Damani Fair (1), Alfredo Deleon (1/2), Erik Marquis (0), Steve Perry (0), Karen Kaufman (0)

70 players total, not including house players

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