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'07 Markowski Rd 2

The 2007 Markowski Open      Round 2 of 7        1/10/07

A total of  90 players  so far, surpassing last year's 86 players. 

Comments by Chuck Ensey  and  Rick Aeria.  


Expert Maksim Gusev accepting "The Masters" trophy from President Ron Rezendes. Max beat out quite a few Masters to win this trophy and a free pass into the Club Championship, starting in February. 

Board 1  Richard Russell - Robert Defore  1-0


Bob Defore won the Class "A" Trophy in December's Class Championships, presented in Rd 2 of the 2007 Markowski Open.

The top board wins again, as expected but Bob, fresh from winning his SDCC Class-'A' Championship trophy made a fight out of it.

Bd 2  Lennart Mathe - Ronald Bruno  0-1

Lennart gave the Club Champion some stiff competition but finally succumbed.

Bd 3  Robert Richard - Mario Amodeo 1-0

A creative effort by Bob Richard and a gutsy 'show-me' attitude by Mario. Here is the game annotated courtesy of IM Cyrus Lakdawala.

Bd 4  Ron Soto - Adam Corper  0-1  The Longest Game of the Night

Ron Soto put up tremendous resistance but Adam Corper's relentless endgame technique was not be be denied.

Bd 5  David Hart - Ramin Sinaee  1-0 

Master Hart, the 'unofficial Club Blitz Champion', ended his game with some scintillating pyrotechnics, albeit missing mate-in-one to mate in three instead.


Jason Qu was the Class "B" winner. That surprised some people, but it shouldn't have, Jason has been steadily improving his game for sometime now and he is surely bound for even bigger and better things. 

Bd 6  Esteban Escobedo - George Zeigler  1/2-1/2

A very sharp position ending in a draw by perpetual although somewhere in the melee I suspect George missed a winning continuation. 

Bd 7  John Funderburg - David Delgadillo  1-0

'El Mariachi', David Delgadillo, nearly handed the Thunderbird a goose egg after John gave up an exchange for a couple pawns but as Kasparov has put it: "Good players are lucky and strong players are very lucky!" John Funderburg falls into the 'strong' category and will probably be the next master of the Club. You heard it here first!

Bd 8  Ron Rezendes - Leonard Sussman  1/2-1/2

The Battle of the Pin Ball Wizards. The real Pin Ball Wizard, club president Ron Rezendes actually plays the machines all over San Diego leaving his high scores and initials on many machines scored a mini-upset by holding the chessic Pin-Ball Wizard Lennie Sussman to a draw.

Bd 9  Santiago Rubio-Fernaz - Dimitry Kishinevsky  0-1

Bd 10  Rick Aeria - Dayne Freitag  1-0 

Rick beat Dayne like a drum, over and over. No just kidding, I didn't even see this game. But Rick is definitely trying to win back his crown, so beware home gamers!

Bd 11  Carey Milton - Gary Tuttle  1-0

A rematch from last year when Carey swindled Gary after being down a Rook and a piece! This time there was nothing quite as dramatic as far as I know.  

Bd 12  Marcus Hilgers - Brad Salz  0-1

Marcus filled in for Pejman Sagart, who took a last minute bye. 

Bd 13  Ed Baluran  - Jerry Soelberg  0-1

Jerry gets an upset win in ending with a single pawn & Rook vs Rook

I will have to disagree with my fellow commentator, Chuck, on this being an upset. Jerry Soelberg's technical prowess and endgame skills will be match for anyone in this club - when Jerry is motivated! And few motivate Jerry more than The Baladeer, Ed Baluran, a great tactician. Uncharacteristically spurning the Baladeer's peace offer, the usually genial Jerry demonstrated his winning technique.

I meant strictly from a rating standpoint, Jerry is 1800 and Ed is 2002, a full 200 points higher. Plus Jerry is at his floor and his real rating might be 1750 or so. But I totally agree he is fully capable of beating many experts at the club, even at his advanced age and somewhat shaky health status, Jerry is a force on the board. Plus a heck of a nice guy too!   


Everyone was happy to see the popular Rocio Murra collect the Class "C" trophy

Bd 14 Fawsi Jose Murra - Fawsi Murra Jr  0-1

The doctor (of accupuncture) was in time trouble once again. I think if we gave him 3 hours he would still get in time trouble! But you have to admire someone who is that careful about his moves.

After the game I kidded Fawsi Junior that Dad was going to ground him for a month for beating him.

Bd 15  Marty Lower - Chris Borgan  0-1 

Chris plays a beautiful deflection rook sacrifice to catch Marty's naked King in a mating net.

Bd 16  Buddy Morris - Richard Jensen  0-1

The club 'Nimzowitsch', Richard Jensen defeats the tactically dangerous Buddy Morris, who at one time has defeated every master of the club with the exception of Cyrus Lakdawala.

Bd 17  Bruce Baker - William Murray  1-0

Bd 18  Fred Borges - Ignacio Sainz  0-1   Igancio barely escaped this long, exciting game See Cyrus Annotates

Bd 19  Fidel Gonzalez - Hector Gonzalez  0-1  Fidel is a little rusty, but don't discount Hector.

Bd 20  Steven Perry - Ben Barquin  0-1    


Jachin "Reno" Tyrell was happy to accept the Class "D" prize. It should look very nice wherever he chooses to display this handsome trophy.  

Bd 21  Manuel Herrera - Kevin Oakes  1-0  

Bd 22  Marc Adlam - Marc Duesterwald  0-1  

Newcomer  German Master Marc Duesterwald makes his debut to the club championship by beating Marc Adlam. Duesterwald took a bye in round one.  Is Marc Duesterwald the man to watch?      

Bd 23  James Malowney - Julian Rodriguez  1-0

Bd 24  Justin Colon - Roberto Aiello  0-1

Robert Aiello, the "Hero" of Round One gets a solid win to put him in early contention. Definitely. a dark horse that will make this qualification competition interesting to follow.

Bd 25  Luis Castaneda - Daniel Bagliazo  1-0

Bd 26  Thomas Fries - Rocio Murra  1-0 

Bd 27  Robert Samuel - Vincent Broman  1-0  

Bob Samuel scores a very nice upset win against Vincent Broman!               

Vince said he dropped a piece in the opening and couldn't recover the material against Bob's solid play...

Bd 28  Theron Pummer - Eric Castro 1-0

Bd 29  David Hall - William Wijaya  0-1 


David Hall looks at Shaun Sweitzer's game with the dangerous "femme fatale" Mayra Murra. Sorry that's French, not Spanish; Webster's dictionary defines: " An irresistibly attractive woman, esp. one who leads men into difficult, dangerous, or disastrous situations" (like a checkmate)  

Bd 30  Shaun Sweitzer - Mayra Murra  1-0

Bd 31  Amando Malvar - Karen Kaufman  0-1  Another upset, there were more than expected

Bd 32  Caley Anderson - Alfredo DeLeon  1/2-1/2  Plus several draws by lower rated players

Bd 33  Damani Fair - Tom Kuhn  1-0             

Bd 34  Morgan Fox - Joel Batchelor  0-1

A reshuffled pairing due to Fawsi Murra being fairly late.

Bd 35  Jason Qu - Jachin Tyrell  1-0


Two trophy winners battled it out. "B" versus "D". Class B Champ Jason Qu won this one. 

Bd 36  Mark Lawless - Christian Garcia  1-0

Mark won this game, there was a typo in the result which is now corrected. Thanks to Fausto Robles for pointing this out to me. Nice to know there are sharp eyes watching. My only excuse is that it was 1 AM when I made the typo...

Bd 37  Robert Henderson - Patrick Edwards  1-0

Bd 38  James Aranda - Erik Marquis  0-1 

James lost on time while up a piece and a pawn or two; he din't realize he had to make 40 moves in 90 minutes...Always make sure you know what the time control is!

Bd 39  Pouyan Azarshahri - Monica Ness  1-0  

Pouyan seems to have a bright future, he is under rated at 1662 in my opinion.

Bd 40  Hai Qu - Fausto Robles 0-1 

Hai is the father of Class B Champ Jason Qu, for those of you who don't know.


It was a full house with 90 players in this event, we may have to break out some more tables!

Bd 41  Helmut Keil - Anthony Harbone  0-1  

Helmut filled in as a house player.

Bd 42  John Falchi - Keith Wetterer  1-0

Bd 43  Maria Murra - Chuck Ensey  0-1

Byes: Todd Smith, Jim Humphrey, Pejman Sagart, Michael Ross, Sam Barboo

See Pairings Page for TENTATIVE pairings next week. This week many of the prelim pairings did not hold up due to byes by Todd and Jim.  

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