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Markowski 05 Rd 2

In the absence of Chuck Ensey (vacationing in Hawaii) the reporting chores go to Rick Aeria

The Markowski Qualifying Tournament for the SDCC 2005 Championship, Round Two



The Grande Dame herself,  the amazing Alina Markowski (1-1) , 95 years young, begins the carnage with a fabulous win over Todd White (0-2) on Board thirty one. This was a tumultuous round. Perhaps the proper thing to do was to sit this round out with a half-point bye like the third highest seeded player, Danish master Peter Bisgaard (1 1/2- 1/2). Ten more players joined up in the second round to participate in the San Diego Chess Club's premier event - The Markowski Qualification Tournament which brings the field to 75 players. It's is not too late to join in the fun in round three next week on January 19th as the rules allow for two half point byes. So if you are contemplating playing, come on down to the club and sign up!

 On the top board, club manager and resident chessmaster Bruce Baker (2-0)  unveiled the latest spear in his chess arsenal, The Trompowsky Attack. His victim was strong expert Aaron Wooten (1-1). Bruce is the current Southern California Senior Co-Champion.





Board One, Bruce Baker

 Board two saw the first of many upsets as newly minted expert Mario Amodeo (1 1/2- 1/2).held the  second highest seeded player, the redoubtable,  master Todd Smith (1 1/2- 1/2).to a draw. Mario Amodeo was a semi-finalist last year and Todd finished fourth in the finals after dominating the preliminary competition last year.

Board three was a classic dragon battle between Doctors Carl Wagner, master emeritus and James "The Brilliant" Mahooti. Neither stubborn player would dodge their favorite opening positions. Wagner in the role of 'dragon slayer" and Mahooti in the role of "dragon". After a sharp theoretical skirmish, Doctor Carl Wagner (2-0) prevailed. Doctor James "The Brilliant" Mahooti (1-1) was not too unhappy about losing such a fighting game.

Doctor Carl "The Cobra" Wagner is the two-time United States Senior Champion and four-time Southern California Senior Champion and a one of the handful of players who can say that they have won the SDCC championship amongst his many, many chess achievements.

THE LEGEND - Doctor Carl Wagner

Board four saw another sensational upset as defending club co-champion, master Bob Richard (1-1) blundered away a whole rook to the capable former expert Thomas Fries (2-0) and was unceremoniously defeated.

On board five, the steady and determined Ukrainian star Dimitry Kishinevsky (2-0) outperformed stoic Ramin Sinaee (1-1) to gain the victory. Dimitry is the 2004 San Diego County Co-Champion.

On board six, candidate master Doctor Adam Corper (2-0) gave his instructor, IM Cyrus Lakdawala who came to watch the play, and colleagues a bit of a scare by allowing Alex Garcia-Betancourt (1-1) a dangerous sacrificial continuation which led to a murky position. Fortunately for Adam, he picked up his game and ground out a technical win. The last game to finish for the night.

 One board seven there was another upset with the mercurial Buddy Morris (2-0) upending the solid ex-master Thomas Nelson (1-1) of Fallbrook by means of a time forfeit.

Board eight had all the makings of an upset as the other defending co-champion was playing a player that has had a lifetime 4-0 score against him. This time however, Rick Aeria (2-0) squeaked by with a win and Gary Tuttle (1-1) had to ponder Einstein's Theory of all things being Relative.

On board nine rambunctious Carey Milton (2-0) defeated tough  Tim McGuiness (1-1).

On board ten George Zeigler (2-0) beat Perry Sagart (1-1).

On board eleven Leonard Sussman (2-0) overcame Joel Batchelor (1-1).

On board twelve the top ranked Mexican player Ignacio Sainz (2-0) knocked off Shaun Sweitzer (1-1).

Board thirteen must be unlucky for the the Chess Balladeer, Southern California Senior co-champion , Filipino expert and jewelry model, Alejandrino Baluran (1-1) and one of last year's SDCC championship semi-finalist. This time "Mr. Bling-bling" was upset by unheralded and unrated Franco Alejandrino (2-0).

More upsets as newcomer Khristopher Juroshek (1 1/2- 1/2), rated USCF 995, holds club national TD and solid expert Dave Saponara (1 1/2- 1/2) to a draw. I don't know how Dave Saponara does it - directing and playing. I did it briefly in the early nineties and it cost me many, many rating points. To be fair to Khristopher , who upset the talented Esteban Escobedo last week,  his rating should be somewhere north of 1995 rather than 995! A quick spotlight on one of our newest members: Khistopher is just out of the Navy and relocated recently from Washington state to San Diego. Khistopher, who has a fine sense of humor, originally hails from North Brunswick, New Jersey and considers Boris Kreiman as his favorite player.



On board fifteen, one of the favorites - dapper Jesus Orozco  (1 1/2- 1/2).a.k.a. "The Chubby Cherubim" demonstrates his championship form by beating Sunny Chu ( 1/2 - 1 1/2).

After taking a bye for round one, a strong contender Ron Bruno (1 1/2- 1/2).joins the hunt for the title by beating Damani Fair ( 1/2 - 1 1/2). Ron Bruno winner of the expert Section at the 2004 American Open is also the Sam Diego County Co-Champion.

Thirunathan Sutharsan (1-1) shugged off his first round loss with a nice win over Keith Wetterer ( 1/2 - 1 1/2)..

Potential contender Ronald Soto  (1 1/2- 1/2). is also off to a good start after beating Jason Clevenger ( 1/2 - 1 1/2).

Formidable James Malowney (1 1/2- 1/2) the Club Veep also makes a run for qualification this year. Jim a former expert always seems close. In this round Chris Borgan (0-2) becomes his victim.

Bill Murray  ( 1/2 - 1 1/2) scored something of an upset by holding a surprisingly out-of-form Esteban Escobedo  ( 1/2 - 1 1/2) to a draw.

Club Prez Ron Rezendes  ( 1/2 - 1 1/2) must be experimenting with some new form of the Swiss Gambit (losing early in the rounds to get easier pairings) as he loses to newcomer Shomari Mosi (1 1/2- 1/2) who is poised to be in early contention for qualification. Ron shocked the club when he scrapped his way to the semifinals last year. After all, we all know that only chess players who cannot hack it on the board decide to run for office (wink).

Also moving into early contention is Dayne Freitag (1 1/2- 1/2) none the worst from his "mini" upset last week. Dayne took the point from Mike Smith  ( 1/2 - 1 1/2)

Club habitue Philip Skiba (1-1) won over Parvis Soltan (0-2).

Crafty Fred Borges (1-1) levelled his score at the expense of Karen Kaufman (0-2). Fred is 81-years young and is just as feisty as when he dominated the Clairemont Chess Club (the precursor of the SDCC) as the club champion  in the early 1970's.

Poker 'grandmaster' Patrick Edwards (1-1) takes all of  Fred Gerlach's (0-2) chips, eh pawns and pieces.

Mark Adlam (1-1) notches a nifty win over James Coulston (0-2).

Dashing Bob Draper (1-1) collects his first win from Roger Wathen (0-2).

Steady Robert Henderson (1-1) outlasts stalwart Mark De Yoe (0-2).

Stefan Boyland (1-1) takes advantage of newcomer Eric Addis (0-2).

Keith Wilson (1-1) beats Monica Ness (0-2).

It is David Hall (1-1) over Helmut Kiel (0-2).

The postman gets knocked twice as evergreen Bob Samuel (0-2) falls to Brad Ross (1-1).

"Julian is in the House" as Elvis impersonator Julian Rodriguez (1-1) rocks Noel Phelan (0-2).

Erik Marquis (1-1) overcomes Thomas Kuhn (0-2).

Taking half point byes (only two are allowed in this seven round tournament) are master Peter Bisgaard  (1 1/2 - 1/2) , the vacationing club secretary Chuck Ensey (1 1/2 - 1/2) , club board member Thomas Webb ( 1/2 - 1 1/2 ).

The status of Roberto Mercado and Jachin Tyrell remains unresolved at this time as both players failed to post their result.

Our thanks to club tournament director David Saponara for undertaking the monumental task of managing this tournament and Club treasurer Louis Pace for all his hard work in collecting fees and dues.




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