Sunday, January 6, 2008

'06 Lasker Rd 6

Reported by Andy Bell and Chuck Ensey

The Lasker Open, Round 6    Bell & Sinaee in 1st 

Board 16   Bell-Baluran  1-0                   This game is now available for viewing

The flashy Alejandrino (Ed) Baluran was leading until he fell to the mighty play of the fearless Andy Bell  

Ed surprised me by following up my 1. e4 with 1...e5 and then playing a closed ruy lopez. He seemed a little less comfortable in the line and by about 10 moves into the game, I had roughly a 15 minute time advantage. He gave up his light squared bishop for a knight and sooon I was up a pawn and with a better position. I noticed a crowd gather when there was an opportunity to sac the exchange (which I did, although I didn't find the best follow-up). The crowd dissipated some and I played a good endgame to secure the point. The bulk of the folks were at board #1 -- and who could blame them? 


White to move (Rxh5!)....can you find the best follow up?


Bd 17  Soelberg - Sinaee 0-1

I lost to Ramin in round #1 and now he and I sit at 5 points each in a tie for first. he will be in a tough game vs Barquin next week (I hope!).

Bd 18  Fawsi Murra Jr - Saponara 1-0


Fawsi Murra Jr is the highest rated member of the five-player-strong Murra family

The TD with the booming voice didn't make this easy for Fawsi. Dave was an exchange down (2 Rooks vs. Rook + Knight) and Fawsi also had outside passers BUT Saponara was able to harass the White King for some time and had some drawing threats (perhaps even winning ones) if Fawsi erred. All the threats were ably parried by Fawsi, who eventually cashed in his advantages in return for a win.

Bd 19  Barquin - Delgadillo 1-0


Ben Barquin is a strong Class A player and a consistent Gambito Open participant, winning lots of money every year. 

This was over quickly (maybe in a 1/2 hour) and Ben won.

Bd 20  Amodeo - Soto 0-1

Everytime Alex Garcia-Betancourt finds out the Mario lost, he says, "Poor Mario". Last night was the first time he didn't say it... I hope he still cares.

Bd 21  Fries - Hooker 1-0

Kwame is wired into music much like another strong player (Funderburg), but the beats didn't rain down on Mr. Fries last night. Looked like a good game though.

Bd 22  Rezendes - Fragante 0-1


"Jumpy" Jemar was walking around all night -- often stopping at my board for a look. One might have thought that he wasn't playing, but he was playing, and defeating our Club Prez Rez.

Bd 23  Malowney - Juroshek 1-0

Khris J was recovering from pneumonia (people still get that?) but boldly avoided a bye, hoping to soon be Owning Malowney. The Gipper couldn't win one for himself though. [PS. After reading this for the third time, I believe I am turning into Rick Aeria - Andy] 

Bd 24  Freitag - Batchelor 1-0

Dayne, whose ball-caps are numerous, has been going with the Chargers cap lately and this seems to have yielded better results.

Bd 25  Newell - Edwards 1-0

Carl had a rocky start to the tourney, but he can definitely play. In my game with him, I played a Semi-Slav Noteboom and he played the first 15 or so moves book even though it appeared he was working it all out over the board! Good to see him turn it around despite the pain this caused Mr. Edwards.

Reserve Section

Board  27 Samuel - Hall 1-0

This game was supposed to be played last week, but David took a bye. It didn't help, the "Old Warrior" trounced him as experience and guile beat youth and optomism.

Bd 28  Egger - Kuhn 1/2-1/2


Jacquelyn is holding her own pretty well in this section, she may soon graduate to Class B. That's Jackie's father, Vice President & Scholastic Chairman, James Malowney in the background.  

Bd 29  Kaufman - Colon 0-1


Texas Longhorn fan Justin Colon plays Karen while Arthur Diaz took on Alex Burke

Justin is an Iraq war veteran, so nothing here can phase him!

Bd 30  Burke - Diaz 0-1

Another win for the military guys...way to go Art.

Bd 31  Aranda - Ness 0-1

Monica tried to take a bye, but we told her it was MANDATORY, she must play every week! (It's only way to get better! Keep trying and learn form misteaks... (sick) Next week she is due to play a newbie, Sharon Mabrey, so it may be a little easier for her. 

Bd 32 Tyrell - Soltan 0-1

The guys with the funny first names fought it out and Parviz came out the winner this time over Jachin (also known as Reno)

Bd 33 Maria Murra - Wetterer 0-1

Maria fights on but needs more lessons from her daughters! Meanwhile, Keith, one of our lowest rated players, has won two in a row as a house player!! 

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