Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jedi Knights Club

Jedi Knights Chess Club

hosted by the San Diego Chess Club

Meets on Friday Nights at 7 pm, lead by USCF Master Bruce Baker. Perfect for elementary thru middle school kids. Lessons, simuls, casual play & rated tournaments, plus other fun things.

Call 619-239-7166 for more information.  (San Diego Chess Club phone number)

 The players arrive between 7- 7:30 pm and are encouraged to begin casual chess games. Parents are invited to stay, but must not intefere with the games in progress.  Group instruction begins around 7:45 pm; pairings for the tournament games are posted at 8:00pm.  These are rated games, one game per night for 4 Fridays in a row as part of a 4-round tournament.  They are played using a chess clock, 45 minutes for each side, so it's possible for a game going the full distance to take an hour and a half.   Keeping a score of the game is highly encouraged so that, as the games finish, the instructor can go over it with them and show them both what they did right and what they did wrong.  It's a more serious approach than some other programs, but it's meant to be fun too.  We would like the players to learn a more disciplined approach to the game.  Every 5th week we do something different, usually a simul given by a guest adult member. Generally players are done by 9:30pm, but are welcome to stay later.

The San Diego Chess Club is an affiliate of the USCF (United States Chess Federation).  Tournament results (not the casual games) are sent to the USCF so all of our players will establish official ratings. (USCF membership required: $19 per year - other fees $5 per night or $120 per year/ $180 family). 

 the rules of chess:

how to keep score: 

Recommended books:  Chess Fundamentals [Capablanca, Cadogan Chess, algebraic notation] , The Art of Checkmate [Renaud and Kahn, Dover, possibly the best beginner's book ever, descriptive notation]

novice = below 600          intermediate = 600-999         advanced = rated 1000 or above

USCF certified tournament director:   Bruce Baker (

Upcoming Schedule

July 4th, 2008:  closed


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