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Gambito #395

Gambito #395     11/08 - 11/09, 2009


8th Annual Gambito Championship, $2,200 PRIZE FUND!  

Total # of players = 46!  This was the second highest total ever for a Gambito Open, the record is 49.

Open Section: (29)  including 5 Masters, 9 Experts

Rick Aeria, Paul Agron, Roberto Aiello, Bruce Baker, Alejandrino Baluran, Ron Bruno, Raoul Crisologo, Chuck Ensey, John Funderburg, Peter Graves, Kyron Griffith, Marlon Icban, Romeo Ignacio, Richard Jensen, Dimitry Kishinevsky, Show Kitigami, Varun Krishnan, James Mahooti, Carey Milton, Roy Morris, Michael Nagaran, Jesse Orlowski, Jamieson Pryor, Jason Qu, Shaun Sweitzer, Alan Tsoi, Tom Victory. Chris Wonnell, Avram Zaydenburg.

Reserve Section: (17)

Jason Arbeiter, Gene Arnaiz, Nestor Dagamat, Gene Fernando, James Hillard, Anthony Harbone, Ken Hopper, Scott Householder, Aaron Householder, Aaron Ibarra, Jim Krooskos, Edgardo Navera, Prisiliano Padilla, Robb Roy Partisala, Juan Rodriguez, Ronaldo Salenga, Ray Viernes. 


This wonderful event celebrates 8 years of Gambito Opens with a special two day tournament: a Double Gambito, 4 Rounds on Saturday as normal, plus another 4 rounds on Sunday. It takes a hardy breed to endure these rigors! Thanks to the great turnout, the Guaranteed Prize Fund of $2,100 was bumped up to $2,200. Several players got in for a reduced entry fee of only $25 because it was their first Gambito Open, or also if they were rated U1400. Thanks to all who attended, everyone said they had a great time. Here were the prize winners: 


1st/2nd Place (tie): Show Kitagami (6 1/2) and Ron Bruno (6 1/2), $250 each

This is the first time we have had a tie in this 8 round event, usually that is enough rounds to get a clear winner, but this time there was a very close battle for the top spot. After the first day, these two were tied with Carey Milton with 3 1/2 points. Carey had defeated NM Bruce Baker on the first day, but on day two, Carey lost to NM Ron Bruno and NM Avram Zaydenburg, and he slipped back a bit. However Carey did defeat NM Peter Graves in the last round for an even 2-2 score against 4 tough masters. The two winners of the tournament, Ron and Show had no losses, 3 draws and 5 wins.   

Co-winner NM Ron Bruno with a solid performance

Co-winner Los Angeles eXpert, Show Kitagami

1st/2nd Under 2200 (tie): Carey Milton (5 1/2) and Dimitry Kishinevsky (5 1/2) $150 each

3rd Place Avram Zaydenburg (5 1/2) $100,  4th Place Peter Graves (5) $50

1st/2nd/3rd Under 2000 (tie): James Mahooti (5), Varun Krishnan (5) and Jamieson Pryor (5): $125 each

3rd U2200: Alan Tsoi (4 1/2), $75

Upset Prize $25 for Open section: Varun Krishnan for win over NM Bruce Baker, 315 rating points difference.

Best Game Prize $25 for Open Section: To Be Announced here later 

Biggest rating point winners (est): Show Kitagami +53, 2075>2128; Jamieson Pryor +45, 1829>1874; Jesse Orlowski +34, 1842>1876; Varun Krishnan +31, 1956>1987  


1st/2nd Place: Ken Hopper (6) and Juan Rodriguez (6), $150 each

3rd Place: Jason Arbeiter (5), $50

1st Under 1600: Scott Householder (4 1/2), $150

2nd U1600: Aaron Householder (4) $75,  3rd U1600: Gene Fernando (3), $25

1st/2nd Under 1400: James Hillard (1) and Jim Krooskos (1), $50 each

Biggest Upset Prize $25 for Reserve Section: Jim Krooskos for win over Gene Arnaiz, 540 points rating difference   

Best Game $25 for Reserve Section, won by Ronaldo Salenga for win over Prisiliano Padilla

See Recent Games to view games 

Biggest rating point winners (est): Juan Rodriguez +37, 1715>1752 ; Scott Householder +31, 1527>1558; Ken Hopper +30, 1729>1759; Jim Krooskos +30, 1004>1034

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