Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gambito #382

Gambito #382   August Super Gambito   8/02/08

Nice turnout today of 34 players. We lost a few regulars to the US Open in Dallas. Enrico Sevillano is there and probably John Bryant, plus Jessica Lauser and I am sure there were others too.

In our event, there were 20 players in the Open Section and 14 in the Reserves. Bruce Baker took the day off, possibly resting up for the big San Diego County Championships next weekend, which are being held here at our club. Sign up online by emailing, check pre-registrations and event details at San Diego County Championships

Today's prize winners were:

Open Section

First Place: Cyrus Lakdawala (4), $125

U2400: Carey Milton (3 1/2), $90 

BU2200: Raoul Crisologo (3), $90

2nd Place: Rick Aeria (2 1/2) and Peter Graves (2 1/2), $37 each

BU2000: Varun Krishnan (2 1/2), Daniel Grazian (2 1/2) and Chris Wonnell (2 1/2), $40 each 

Biggest Upset: Varun Krishnan's (1972) win over Peter Graves (2307)

Reserve Section

First Place: Scott Householder (4), $90

2nd Place: Anthony Harbone (3) and Ray Viernes (3), $15 each

BU1600: Harold-Xavier Gonzalez (3) and Jim Krooskos (3), $60 each

Best Game Prize Reserve Section ($15) went to Harold Xavier Gonzalez for win over Michael Chen

Best Game Prize Open Section ($15) went to Varun Krishnan for win over Peter Graves

See both games on Cyrus Annotates

Big rating point gainers: +100 Scott Householder to 1540, +59 Harold-Xavier Gonzalez to 1402

See USCF website for latest ratings

Total Prizes $830

To view photos taken at this event click here.

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