Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gambito #299

Gambito #299 Super Double Gambito 12/02-12/03/06

The Wallchart is too big to be posted here.

Here were the winners:

Open Section


IM Enrico Sevillano at an earlier Gambito this year

First Place  Enrico Sevillano (7) $300, 2nd/3rd tie:  John Bryant (5 1/2) & Romeo Ignacio (5 1/2)  $150 each


Newly minted Master John Bryant earlier this year at the San Diego County Championships 

BU2200  Jorge Balares (5)  $200

Jorge Balares earned draws with Bruce Baker and Enrico Sevillano

2nd/3rd U2200 tie: Carey Milton (4 1/2), Raoul Crisologo (4 1/2) & Richard Gimeno (4 1/2) $50 each

Romeo Ignacio won this Round 2 game against Carey Milton, who was playing the Black pieces here 

BU2000 tie: Ben Barquin (4), Varun Krishnan (4), Daniel Grazian (4) & Chris Borgan (4) $87 each

Varun Krishan was Player of the Month at the SDCC for both September and October. He lost this game against the higher rated Chris Borgan, but still tied for BU2000 at the Super Double Gambito.

Biggest Upset $25  Jorge Balares for draw with Enrico Sevillano (275 points)

Best Game Prize $25 won by Richard Gimeno for a win over Richard Jensen. See game on Cyrus Annotates.

Reserve Section

Michael Taylor vs Jesse Orlowski in Round 3  

First Place  Michael Taylor (6 1/2)  $200, 2nd Place William Delaney (6)  $100

William Delaney as White vs William Wijaya in Round 6

Third Place  Chuck Ensey (5), Arthur Taylor (5) & William Wijaya (5) $17 each  

BU 1600  Nestor Dagamat (4) $150, 2nd U1600  David Whitten (3) $75, 3rd U1600  Tom Kuhn (2 1/2) $25    

David Whitten got an upset win in this game vs Nestor Dagamat, he also upset Arthur Taylor

Biggest Upset $25  David Whitten (1276) for win over player rated 1707 (431 points)

Best Game Prize $25 for the Reserve section was won by Arthur Taylor for win over Tom Kuhn. Game will be posted on Cyrus Annotates shortly, along with a few others from this event. 

See the Pictures page for lots of photos taken by Richard Jensen.  

Turnout = 33 players, down from the average of 37 and less than the hoped for 40 players, but still a decent turnout. The full prize fund of $2,000 (based on 40 players) was paid anyway, thanks to generous donations from Jorge Balares, Gene Arnaiz and Chuck Ensey. Thanks guys, for helping keep this a fabulous tournament. Everyone who played had a great time, there were lots of fun times and plenty of excitement. Right now I am busy going through all the games that were submitted for Best Game Prizes. I must say there are quite a few good ones to choose from. As usual, Cyrus Lakdawala will annotate the winners. By the way, we missed Cyrus, he was unable to play this year. Also congratulations to Enrico Sevillano, a frequent Gambito winner, but this is his first Super Double Gambito win. So now in six years we have five different winners, only Cyrus has repeated. Other winners have been Bruce Baker, Dimitry Kishinevsky and Joel Banawa. Joel and Dimitry were unable to play this year and so was Adam Corper, who was in London. Rick Aeria had to work and Ron Bruno also couldn't make it, so there are 6 top players right there who missed this year's Gambito Championship. Next year we might considering holding it in November when more players might be able to play.


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