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Cyrus Annotates

Cyrus Annotates Games From 2008

Note: if a game has no analysis, it just means Cyrus hasn't got to it yet, or he may not consider it worthy of analysis. We would like to use this page to post all our games collected from SDCC members, and many of the best ones Cyrus will annotate, but he can't get to all of them... 

Alina Markowski Open                              (see Cyrus 2007 for games from last year)

Round 1  Fair-Bruno  Rd 2  Samuel-Ensey  Rd 3  Escobedo-Morris    Wagner-Lozano   Henderson-Amodeo  Rd 5  Smith-Bruno   Ness-Ensey

SDCC Championship Final

Rd 3 Funderburg-Smith  Rd 5  Hart-Sainz  Rd 7  Bruno-Zeigler

SCCF Senior/Junior Open

Krishnan-Sainz  Krishnan-Laylo  Rinaldo-Roth  Carreto-Funderburg   Ignacio-Milton

Tribute to Anderssen   Funderburg-Herrera

Soelberg Open  Rd 3   Mathe-Fox  Gonzalez-Pryor  Villarreal-Milton   Rd 4  Krishnan-Broman   Rd 5  Zeigler-Herrera

San Diego County Championships 2008

GM Melikset Khachiyan-Ron Bruno  Best Game Open Section,  other games: Milton-Khachiyan  Khachiyan-Faber

Sweitzer-Fries    Best Game Reserve Section (won by Shaun Sweitzer, $25) 

Dahl-Arnaiz   Best Game Booster Section  (won by Steven Dahl, $25)

Fox-Thomas  Honorable mention Booster Section for Morgan Fox  other games: Dahl-Nichols  

State Championship

Landaw-Lakdawala    Lakdawala-Tanaka    Lakdawala-Kretchetov    Lakdawala-Lawrence    Lakdawala-Sevillano    Peters-Lakdawala

San Diego Shootout

Rd 1  Amodeo-Shammas    Rd 2  Amodeo-Salz    Rd 3  Milton-Amodeo    Rd 4 Sweitzer-Morris  Lower-Fair   Rd 5 Delgadillo,V-Silva    Fair-Draper   Rd 6  Defore-Ensey   Sainz-Amodeo  Fair-Sweitzer

Fall Swiss

Rd 2  Milton-Amodeo  Rd 4 Wagner-Amodeo    Robles-Salz

Gambito Opens

Gambito #353  Ignacio-Sussman  Best Game Open Section January Super Gambito, $15 to Ignacio 

                       Honorable mention, also  Bruno-Aiello and Orlowski-Milton   Baluran-Qu

                        Chen-Sagart   Best Game Reserve Section, $15 to Sagart

Gambito #355  Baker-Lakdawala  Best Game Winner $10 for Cyrus, $10 for Bruce (even though Cy finally won the battle very late in the endgame, he thought Bruce should share in the prize for this marvelous game) 

 other games: Aiello-Milton   Ensey-Delaney

Gambito #357 Open Section    Bryant-Ignacio  Best Game Open Section February Super G, $15 to Bryant

other interesting games:  Aiello-Milton   Jensen-Amodeo   Sutharsan-Ensey   Lakdawala-Crisologo

Lakdawala-Bruno                    Reserve Section   Lapurga-Hecht  Best Game Reserve Section, $15 to Hecht   

Gambito #359  Ensey-Chen

Gambito #361  Open Section: Lozano-Sussman Best Game March Super Gambito to Lozano $15

other games:   Sussman-Delaney  Milton-Lozano  Aiello-Baluran

Reserve Section: Dagamat-Ensey Liao-Dagamat Chen-Ensey Best Game split between Chen & Ensey, $7 each

Gambito #366  Bryant-Baker  Best Game April Super Gambito to Bryant $15

                       other games  Sainz-Tsoi   Ensey-Carreto   Murra-Kishinevsky   Milton-Delaney

Gambito #366  Baker-Carey   Gambito #368  Baker-Bruno   Ensey-Tsoi

Gambito #369  Bruno-Lakdawala  Aeria-Krishnan  Krishnan-Ensey  Bryant-Ignacio  The Best Game winner is Varun Krishnan, $15, for win over Chuck Ensey

Gambito #371  Montany-Bruno    Montany-Richardson    Baker-Montany  Lakdawala-Montany

Gambito #372  Kishinevsky-Graves   Gambito #373  Liu-Milton

Gambito #374  Malla-Richardson   Best Game June Super Gambito

Gambito #376 Baker-Kaidanov  Ensey-Kaidanov  Kaidanov-Saponara

Gambito #378 (July Super G)  Jensen-Ignacio  Best Game Open Section, $15 for Romeo Ignacio for win over Richard Jensen       Lauser-Householder  Best Game Reserve Section, $15 for Jessica Lauser for win over Scott Householder

Gambito #382 (August Super G)  Graves-Krishnan  Best Game Open Section, $15 for Varun Krishnan  

                        Chen-Gonzalez  Best Game Reserve Section, $15 for Harold-Xavier Gonzalez

Gambito #386 (Sept Super G) Milton-Aiello  Best Game Open Section, $15 for Roberto Aiello  

                       Lauser-Rhoads  Best Game Reserve Section, $15 for Jessica Lauser

Gambito #388  Sebeckis-Baker  Gambito #389  Jensen-Amodeo

Gambito #390 (October Super Gambito)  Lakdawala-Richardson  Best Game Open Section $15 for Cyrus

                        Milton-Smith,E    Hou  seholder, S - Chow, D

Gambito #393  Aeria-Lakdawala

Gambito #394 (November Super Gambito)  Graves-Bruno  Best Game Open Section ($15) 

 other games: Ensey-Krishnan  Agron-Ensey  Baker-Kishinevsky  Milton-Griffith  Lakdawala-Zaydenberg

Huey-Householder, A  Best Game Reserve Section ($15)  

This page is full and can't take anymore!!  See Recent Games  for the latest games, including the Super Double Gambito

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