Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cyrus 2006

2005 Western States Open       Reno, Nevada     Oct 14-16

Ibragimov-Lakdawala     round 3 vs GM Ildar Ibragimov (USCF 2684)

Lakdawala-Vigorito        round 5 vs IM David Vigorito (USCF 2423)

In this same tournament IM Enrico Sevillano won in the next-to-last round vs GM Aleks Wojtkiewicz (USCF 2610).


245th Gambito   Lakdawala-Baker 

247th Gambito   Lakdawala-Bruno 

248th Gambito   Lakdawala-Hart

251st Gambito   Sevillano-Baker

252nd Gambito   Ensey-Whitt

254th Gambito   Sevillano-Lakdawala

256th Gambito   Lakdawala-Kishinevsky

257th Gambito   Bryant-Lakdawala

261st Gambito   Ensey-Morris

269th Gambito   Bruno-Lakdawala

270th Gambito  Lakdawala-Kishinevsky

271st Gambito  Aeria-Bryant

274th Gambito  Jensen-Lakdawala

281st Gambito  Jensen-Guy

282nd Gambito  Ignacio-Baker

283rd Gambito  Lakdawala-Bruno 

286th Gambito  Gimeno-Kishinevsky   and  Lakdawala-Bruno

289th Gambito  Krishnan-Milton

291st Gambito  Del Pilar-Lakdawala

295th Gambito  Jensen-Balares

295th Gambito  Bryant-Lakdawala

295th Gambito  Sevillano-Baker

299th Gambito (Super Double)  Gimeno-Jensen    Taylor-Kuhn    Rhoads-Ensey

#301st Gambito  Ancheta-Jensen

#302nd Gambito  Berkman-Baker

SDCC and NCCC Tournaments

SDCC Class Championships 2005    Carey-Hart

SDCC Class Championships 2005    Henderson-Draper

SDCC Class Championships 2005   Zeigler-Kishinevsky  

SDCC 2006 Juroshek-Kiel

SDCC 2006 Markowski Open   Corper-Russell

SDCC 2006 Club Championship, Rd 1 Kishinevsky-Salz 

SDCC 2006 Club Championship, Rd 2 Borgan-Sainz

SDCC 2006 Club Championship, Rd 4 Corper-Sussman  and Garamendi-Sainz (Best Game Rd 4) and

Lasker Open, Rd 4 Bell-Barquin 

SDCC 2006 Club Championship, Rd 5 Hart-Bruno

SDCC 2006 Club Chapionship Rd 6 Bruno-Corper

SDCC 2006 Club Championship Rd 7 Milton-Betancourt

SDCC 2006 Match of Champions Rd 1 Bruno-Corper   Rd 2 Corper-Bruno

                      Rd 3 game   Rd 4 Corper-Bruno

NCCC 2006 Masters Invitational #1 Rd 3 Del Pilar-Ortiz

SCCF Senior Open  Rd 3  Nagaran-Barquin

SDCC Steinitz Swiss Rd 2  DeLeon-Henderson

SDCC Steinitz Swiss Rd 3  Baluran-Amodeo

SDCC Summer Swiss  Monica Ness-Mayra Murra

San Diego Open  Shootout 2006  Sweitzer-Aeria  Qu-Robles  Betancourt-Arutyunov  Soelberg-Draper 

GM Akobian Simul   Krishnan    Hodges

SDCC Fischer's Fracas Rd 5  Baluran-Amodeo

SDCC Fall Swiss Rd 4  Baluran-Amodeo

SDCC Class Championships  Amodeo-Baluran  These guys play some entertaining games! 

Internet Chess Club (ICC)

Nakamura-Lakdawala     (GM Hikaru Nakamura was the current US Champion when this game was played)

Southern California State Championship 2006



American Open (Los Angeles) 2006

Ensey - Baliway



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