Sunday, January 6, 2008

Best Games '06

Best games from 2006

Here is the Best Game Prize winner from the January Super Gambito (#254) Open Section, won by Carey Milton: Ignacio - Milton   And here is the Reserve Section winner, Jesse Orlowski in Orlowski - Grazian

February Super G (#258) Best Game, Open Section, won by Jesus Orozco in Orozco-Baker and the Best Game Reserve Section, won once again by Jesse O in Hendi - Orlowski 

March Super G (#262) played at NTC, site of the US Championship, played with a shorter time control of G/30 and also outdoors under difficult conditions: hot, very sunny and breezy in the early rounds to cold and dark later in the day. Best Game Open Section, won by Dimitry Kishinevsky in Kishinevsky-Barquin  In the Reserve Section, Justin Colon won the Best game in Ensey-Colon

See Cyrus Annotates for the Best Games of the Club Championship

May Super G (#271) A special 5 Round Super Gambito with two great games, and it was G/40! Here are the winners:   Aeria-Bryant and Tagalog-Griffith

August Super G (#283) Best games won by Bruce Baker and Jemar Fragante

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